Hira’s fashion

I just received another superior sport jacket from Hira’s.

L1000062       L1000064     L1000063

This one has a great pattern of khaki and caramel checks, and the fabric is 100% pure wool made by Luigi Fiorentino in Italy and is Super 120’s.


They had my size perfectly from the first jacket and shirt so there is was no hesitation ordering from them again.

I went with (surprise) peak lapels, hacking pockets including a ticket pocket and working sleeve buttons, of course!


And a fun lining.

Investment for this jacket would be $780 + $30 shipping (Total $810).

L1000072       L1000071

Hira’s has an active Trip Schedule itinerary near where you live, so be sure to check their schedule.

You might remember that I met with their specialist tailor, Ajay Hira:


And have received my light blue mini-hound’s-tooth shirt (Thomas Mason 100% cotton). Great fabric, perfect details and it has eight buttons on the front!!!

A pair of tan slacks (Reid-Taylor fabric). A wool/cashmere blend and from Hira’s travel-collection of fabrics so will resist wrinkles.

A beautiful navy blue sports jacket with blue & yellowish checks (Vitale Barberis fabric).

The fit on all the garments is great.


The only disappointment is that the shirt has the collar stays sewn in, which I’m against if you ever iron your shirt or send it out you’ll get indentations in the collar.

Maybe they’ll reconsider this practice now! I got a split yoke on the shirt which is an option, double buttons – side by side on the cuffs, and corner cut cuffs.

The jacket pattern is beautiful and check the lining!! Working sleeve button holes, peak lapels and hacking pockets with a ticket pocket.

The trousers fit perfectly and I’m anxious to try out the wrinkle resistance!

HIRAS TAILORING is a family owned Bespoke Custom Tailors based in London & Hong Kong.

They feature handmade suits, shirts, jackets, coats, dress suits and trousers for men and women. All of their garments are hand cut, and handmade precisely for your size and shape and taste.

And they regularly visit all major cities of the USA and Canada.

You can click here for a full list of cities they visit.

Their prices are very reasonable with suits from US $579, handmade shirts from $80, top coats from $579, tuxedos from $599 and sports jackets from $399.

Price depend, of course, on the fabric chosen, and they carry a huge selection of over 3000 cloth to choose from, including European designer fabrics such as Dormeuil, Wain Shiell, Scabal, Zegna and more.

All items are individually hand cut and handmade with excellent finishing details.

Check their special package deals.

Website: hiras.com