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Suits & Sport Jackets From Caruso

Pitti Immagine and Caruso graciously co-sponsored my wife and  my trip to the Florence Pitti Immagine international men’s fashion shows and to the Fashion Week in Milan, Italy.

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I ordered a suit and a very special sport jacket from Caruso while I was there.

The suit!

Getting fitted for a Caruso suit at the factory  in Soragna, Parma  home of the Culatello, the best part of the Parma Ham, and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. !  The tailor is Luca Talarico (fifth  generation custom tailor).

My hair must look like that from all the ham,  Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, and wine at lunch!

The Caruso Fashion Event in Milano during Milano Fashion Week.  Alberto Caruso, co-owner of Caruso and the son of founder Raffaele Caruso,  and me.  Note my Apparel Arts necktie.

Me, Alberto and Umberto Angeloni, part owner of Caruso.

Choosing my suit fabric.  The Caruso fabric expert is Marco Giorna  (formerly head of design for mills: Colombo, Tallia, Guabello and Cerruti).

At the Caruso Fashion Show in Milan, the Esquire men arrive!  Nick Sullivan (in the middle) and Wendell Brown.   It was fun to watch Nick work and he really did work.  No food or wine, but  went right to trying on almost every garment in the show, photographing most of  them and then out and on to the next show!

He did pick up on this jacket (it’s on my right above).  There was a old  photograph of Maestro Enrico Caruso, the world famous Italian tenor,wearing a jacket like this and  Caruso (no relation) redesigned and produced it.


Here’s what Nick reported: Caruso: The Red One

Nice Shetland sportcoats, building on the ones we saw at Pitti. —Nick Sullivan

caruso sport jacket

Instead of the signature red, I’m getting one in brown!

Caruso Suit and Sport Jacket:

I received the Caruso suit and special sport jacket and  they are the two most beautiful garments I’ve ever seen!

These photos don’t do them justice.

caruso suitcaruso suit and jacket

cuff buttons

The suit is navy with a small window pane pattern (almost a  large check) and the fabric is fantastic!  It’s 3 ply wool.  The three  ply actually gives it a depth or dimension that is unique.

And speaking of unique – the sport jacket as you remember was  copied from one that Enrico Caruso, the world famous Italian tenor, was wearing  in a ca 1920 photo and Caruso (no relation) redesigned and produced it.

caruso suit 2 caruso custom suit

It’s spectacular in details – patch pockets with buttoned  flaps, peak lapels, and great buttons (working sleeve buttons, of course).

The original sport jacket they think was around 450 grams  (about 15 oz) but Caruso made it from a lighter and softer fabric of 330 grams  (10 to 12 oz).

The workpersonship on both the garments is superior.


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