Witch tie, shirt, and jacket combination for a wedding? (pics)

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by macaroni, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. macaroni

    macaroni Active Member with Corp. Privileges

    Hello guys,
    I’m going to a wedding. I’m not a groom- just a guest. The wedding will be held in open-air in mid august during the day.

    So witch combination will be appropriate? I will be wearing charcoal trousers, black quarter oxfords and a jacket mix /I don’t have a suit/. I want to look formal and classic so I will pick white shirt or a blue/ white stripe shirt.

    The plain white doesn’t work well with my complexion, but is more formal for the occasion. What about the white/ blue stripes? Is it ok for a wedding?

    About the tie- the orange printed silk is beautiful and I love it, but again houndstooth is more formal and weeding like.

    Witch combination would you guys chose?





  2. Acct2000

    Acct2000 Connoisseur - Moderator

    United States
    I like the white shirt and either the dark blue tie or the darker checked tie.

    The striped shirt and blue tie might look good, too.
  3. Barrister & Solicitor

    Barrister & Solicitor Super Member

    As presented, Option 5 is a nice mix.

    +1 on Forsberg with trying out the grey jacket, blue striped shirt and blue tie.

    The checked tie is too similar to the grey jacket to be an interesting "wow" match IMHO.
  4. smile

    smile Starting Member

    I like option 2, striped shirt with yellow paisley-tie. Since its outdoors on a probably beautiful summer day, i think it just fits to the circumstances.
  5. Relayer

    Relayer Super Member

    I find option #2 most bewitching.
  6. shirtguy

    shirtguy Active Member with Corp. Privileges

    option 5
  7. ChicagoMediaMan-27

    ChicagoMediaMan-27 Senior Member

    What is a witch tie?

    Seriously, I think they all look nice. If pressed, I would go with #2.
  8. macaroni

    macaroni Active Member with Corp. Privileges

    I like options 5 and 2 the most myself so I guess your chioces confim that. Gray jacket, blue shirt and an oxford tie… hmm… I must try that one.
  9. PinkPlaidSocks

    PinkPlaidSocks Active Member with Corp. Privileges

    United States
    Option 5 would be my first pick, then option 1 if I wanted to be a little "flashier" (as in VERY little). I'm of the opinion that when attending weddings or funerals alike, it's not about me, I'm not there to be noticed for my excellent sartorial skills. I just try to dress conservatively and tastefully. My opinion only.
  10. macaroni

    macaroni Active Member with Corp. Privileges

    And if anyone is curious

    The navy tie is made for Polish company called Emanuel Berg /shirts mostly/ by an Italian manufacturer but I can’t find the name of the maker.

    The grey tie was made by Breuer.

    The orange one made by Atkinsons

    The white shirt is RTW basic poplin shirt from Emanuel Berg.
    The blue shirt is MTM Da Vinci /another Polish company somehow affiliated to Emanuel Berg, I think Da Vinci is just a MTM brand for Emanuel Berg/

    Two words on Emanuel Berg/ Da Vinci shirts- they use Tomas Mason fabrics. I love the collars and finish. I think they are the best shirts available on Polish market, but pricy- RTW would cost around 120-130 $ by today’s rates, and MTM around 200 $. But I recommend the brand strongly.

    The grey and navy jacket are Royal Collection /Polish brand/. Its fairly cheep, but the construction and overall impression is quite poor. As I say- moderate prices, classic style and a good fit, but I don’t think they will hold long.

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