Why I Wear Non-Iron Shirts

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by Mr. Mac, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. Mr. Mac

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    I stumbled across and thought you gentlemen might find it humorous.

    Other than the fact that wearing them makes it makes it easier to sell them, Esquire nicely illustrates why (in roundabout terms) I like non-iron shirts:

  2. Cruiser

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    I wear all cotton, non-iron dress shirts for one reason, they look better. My brand of choice is Lands End. People talk about them being hot in the summer but I can't really tell much of a difference.

    I have quite a few shirts that must be ironed, primarily OCBDs; but these are worn mainly with jeans. I think the wrinkles look good with the casual nature of jeans, especially when worn with a tweed jacket.

  3. harvey_birdman

    harvey_birdman Senior Member

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    I find ironing rather relaxing and don't mind doing it once a week. It is a small price to pay for a more comfortable shirt.
  4. Leighton

    Leighton Super Member

    Hmm, only wrinkles I notice are around the arms. Which should ideally be covered by the jacket anyway.

    That said, I usually wear non-irons because they require less upkeep. If I'm feeling particularly lazy I can just throw them in the dryer rather than really ironing them. Then again, I'm still a student so I'm not expected to look pristine.
  5. AskDandy

    AskDandy New Member

    I agree they tend to look nice, but I always feel like I'm wearing plastic sheeting instead of cotton. My skin is easily irritated by them, too. But then, my skin is easily irritated. If you can wear them without discomfort, I think they make some sense. But... remember that you are wearing chemicals.
  6. 3holic

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    Non-iron shirts do have their function in today's hectic world and frazzled lifestyles. But nothing beats a freshly pressed crisp cotton shirt.
  7. Finian McLonergan

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    I don't think the article's author has made a good fist of explaining the benefits of a non-iron shirt. He appears to suggest that the main advantage is that you can keep wearing it day aftere day because it won't wrinkle.

    If you wear a traditional shirt all day, and claim to be a paid-up member of a civilised society, you will have to change it at the end of the day. Perhaps before, if you are going out again in the evening. By then, it will have acquired some wrinkles, but not many. Wash it, hang it up to dry for a day or so, and then iron it while it's slightly damp. As I understand it, the non-iron shirt should be gently tumble dried on a low heat setting in order to activate the non-iron finishes have been incorporated into the cloth. This is where it gains its advantage, i.e., in the time it takes to be washed, dried and ready to wear again. But perhaps I've misunderstood this as I don't use non-iron shirts.

    But I can fully understand why people who don't have the time or perhaps the inclination to bother with the palaver associated with properly processing traditional cotton shirts adopt non-iron shirts. It seems like a perfectly reasonable compromise to me. And a lot better, I think, than handing over your fine cotton shirts to the depradations of a local laundry and its inflatable shirt dummy.

    But by focusing the non-iron shirt's ability to look unwrinkled day after day even when not washed he has, unwittingly perhaps, revealed one reason why they are looked on with some suspicion.
  8. bimmerzimmer

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    Non-iron shirts. Yeccchhhh. They feel terrible, they look awful. They always tend to look not-quite-pressed when worn with business or formal clothes and too stiff when worn casually. They look like they're made of plastic sheeting. A real cotton shirt is to be worn three ways:

    1) Cleaned at a reputable cleaners.
    2) Washed and ironed yourself.
    3) Casually non-ironed (but hung dry then given a quick tumble to soften the creases).

    Professionally manufactured non-iron shirts are to be worn one way:
    1) Not at all.

  9. Checkerboard 13

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    I fully agree, with 1) and 1) being my choices.
  10. Peak and Pine

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    Bimmerzimmer, outside of really enjoying your name, I'd like to give you a big fat thumbs up. Non-iron shirts: the vinyl siding of torso coverings.

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