Who has a proper defination for "fashion forward"?

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by MK, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. MK

    MK Well-Known Member

    A phase that is bantered around a lot today. Never the less, I have yet to see a decent defination for it. Who has one?
  2. kshah

    kshah Well-Known Member

  3. yachtie

    yachtie Well-Known Member

    One step away from "runway wierdness".
  4. Doctor Damage

    Doctor Damage Well-Known Member

    I doubt you'll find the term in a dictionary. I have used it here to label firms which are focused on fashion trends and anticipating new/upcoming fashion trends, rather than focusing on "classic" clothing.

    For example, Burberry used to sell all manner of old, dated clobber, much of which had not changed significantly for long periods, other than nods to minor changes in style nuances that have marked each decade. More recently, Burberry has shifted to the business of selling up-to-the-moment clothing & accessories which reflect current fashion trends coming from international designers and fashion shows. They are now "fashion-forward".

  5. Will

    Will Well-Known Member

    It may say something that Wikipedia's highest ranked result is "offensive."
  6. rip

    rip Well-Known Member

    High-priced, and obselete within one season.
  7. JamesT

    JamesT Well-Known Member

    I've heard it used to describe my clothing - I really didn't see it as per my definition of the term.

    I am under the impression that the definition of the term is different with every person and possibly situation.

    It could encompass everything from those who are always "trendy" or those who set the trends to those who just look odd. Personally, I use the term more as fashion concious - a nod to modern fashion (i.e. not ignoring modern trends completely but at the same time not looking like a GQ model), but with your own individual twist.
  8. interestedinclothing

    interestedinclothing Well-Known Member

    More or less something that is not traditional. As said the definition varies--I'll leave it to the people who would split hairs over black suits and blue jeans to concern themselves with the extent of the variation. In general, if something is called fashion-forward by anyone who knows what they are talking about, that thing is to be avoided by gentleman alike.
  9. Mark from Plano

    Mark from Plano Well-Known Member

    I disagree. To me fashion forward just means "ahead of the trend." Frankly a couple of years ago it would have been considered "fashion forward" to wear a SB PL jacket, despite the fact that it is the core of traditionality. Retro can be fashion forward (wearing a fedora, for example). Fashion forward says nothing about whether you like it or hate it. It just means "ahead of the trend".

    That's what I think anyway.
  10. yachtie

    yachtie Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I hardly think of wearing a fedora as either "retro" or "fashion forward". It's classic style and as such is neither in nor out of fashion. Fashion forward is to me reminiscent of the bad designer suits of the '80s too much this/too little that. Or E.G.: floodpant suits that seem all popular today, or skirts for men of a few years ago-that's "fashion forward".
  11. Mark from Plano

    Mark from Plano Well-Known Member

    We could go back and forth on this, but in the end I think all we'd do is prove the OP's point. There probably is no good definition. I clearly means something different to everyone.

    When I purchased my new seersucker suit a few weeks ago I was told by the salesman at the store (whom I had purchased a number of items from in the past) that he thought that I was "fashion forward" enough to pull off a seersucker suit. Not saying he was right, just that his definition didn't fit with either of ours.
  12. anglophile23

    anglophile23 Well-Known Member

    Fashion forward means trends that are over before you can get your new clothes home. Some classics like madras or seesucker, go in and out of style but are always stylish.
  13. yachtie

    yachtie Well-Known Member

    Salesguy just wasn't Trad enough. :icon_smile_wink:
  14. fullgrain

    fullgrain Well-Known Member

    Yachtie, maybe it depends on where you live and the circles you travel in. Among certain sets, a fedora might be classic. Where I live, however, it is definitely fashionable, and a fashion-piece, almost a costume piece, worn precisely because it is trendy and signifies--or is supposed to--ironic hipness on the wearer's part. Usually paired w/ a banlon-style shirt and checked pants or baggy shorts. Even if I were inclined to wear a fedora, I probably wouldn't, because I wouldn't want anyone to think I was trying to ape some 20-yr old.:icon_smile:
  15. clothesboy

    clothesboy Well-Known Member

    What I won't wear.:icon_smile_wink:

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