What are moleskins?

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by JWM1960, Mar 17, 2009.

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    What are moleskins? Are they waxed? Can they be waxed? Are they water repellent? Are they warm? Are they usually lined with flannel?
  2. Orgetorix

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    Moleskin is a cloth. It's a heavy cotton flannel. Usually made up into odd trousers, which are referred to as "moleskins" for short. I've never seen them waxed; they're no more water repellent than any other cotton trouser; and they are usually quite warm (depending on the weight of the cloth).

    Moleskin can also refer to a pad placed in the heel or tongue of a shoe to add friction and cut down on slippage.
  3. JWM1960

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    Orgetorix...thanks for the info. I was referring to moleskin trousers in my questions. Thanks much...JWM
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    Moleskins tend to be heavier than other cotton trousers and are usually associated with country wear. As a result they are mainly found in tans, browns and greens, though not exclusively, and are usually cut with a fairly close leg (similar to jeans).

    I wear very little else in the way of trousers in the colder months. They are super warm, comfortable and durable.
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    And always after you post check down at the very bottom of the page for relevant previous topics!
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    Moleskins are quite thick and lose their colour easily because of this.They get creases that don't really change postion ( from wear in crotch, centre crease, crease from washing in small machine without much movement etc)....the creases stick out and wear off the fabric giving it a faded look.If washed in too small a machine you'll get a marbled looking disaster.
    Thats why they are really casual comfortable-gentle outdoors type ( gardening or pretending to).The fabric is so thick...it will last for years and years .. way longer than jeans and warmer too as they have a lovely short soft nap.
  7. JLibourel

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    I have for many years assumed that the fabric "moleskin" (not to be confused with the stuff you use for blistered feet) was the same as what we commonly call in the States "chamois cloth" that is used frequently for shirts, as offered by L.L. Bean and similar firms. Am I correct in this assumption?
  8. nicksull

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    I think so..... Although for shirts it would be a significantly lighter weight of cloth. Both moleskin and chamois cloth have a spongy suedy feel not unlike chamois leather. My dad used to polish his Ford Cortina with his. Chamois Leather (pron: 'shammy Leather') that is not his moleskins...
  9. joeyzaza

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    My chamois shirts seem a lot softer and thicker than my moleskin pants.
  10. GBR

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    Moleskin is a heavy cotton cloth. Trousers are usually made from this material for rural pursuits.

    It is not normally waxed or otherwise treated although I daresay someone will have tried it..

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