Wedding and Tux Alteration - HELP!

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by dhuge677, Sep 12, 2017.

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    Good afternoon,

    I've been on this forum on and off over the years and though I'm sure this has been addressed in some fashion in the past, I feel the need to ask for a recommendation given that this situation is personal to me and is causing me some amount of stress and anxiety.

    My wedding is this October 7th. Coming pretty soon. I am wearing a black tux for the event, and though it does go against the grain a little bit, it is a notch lapel version from OliverWicks. I purchased the tux from OW a while back and based the purchase on the measurements of a suit I bought from them, which turned out pretty well but wasnt an ideal fit even at the time.

    The tux is slightly large in the body, and I most notice the issue being in the shoulders. This is where things get tricky. The shoulder line itself is fine. Nothing collapses or anything, but there is a bit of an overhang, so the shoulder pad itself extends just slightly off of the shoulder, maybe a quarter inch or about that. It is enough that I'm not happy with it.

    I had the other OW suit taken in across the back and it hugs me a bit better even though the shoulder dimensions are the same as the tux. I think the suit was ordered with a 42.5 chest and I'm a true 42 now. I also think the sleeves may have too much fabric, and I think if they were narrowed by maybe a quarter inch or a bit more, they would drape more nicely from the shoulder.

    Besides that issue, it just needs to be taken in slightly across the midsection and it will look like a really classic-fitting tux with beautiful fabric. I'm excited to wear it, along with Herring shoes that are really out of this world when paired with a tux (the Herring Jive oxfords - http://www.herringshoes.co.uk/herring/jive_oxford/black-patent-and-black-suede).

    All in all, I think I will be okay, and if anyone has a tailor recommendation for the Northern Virginia area, I'd be happy to hear about it. I was thinking of going back to one who did decently well, but then I found one named Reed's that I was thinking about. Any suggestions there may help.

    Of course, no matter what it will turn out well, since I'm marrying the woman of my dreams and my best friend.


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    I will also mention one other thing:

    I have a suit from Moss Bros that actually fits pretty well off the rack with only the pants having been hemmed. I was thinking of just buying a tux in the same size from them, knowing that it would fit well and the price might actually be the same as the alterations on the tux will cost me. The only reason I am hesitant to order a tux from them is that I already have the OW tux and it is definitely better made even though it's not an ideal fit.


    Thanks again!
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    I wouldn't necessarily assume a Moss Bros suit and a tux would fit the same, if your existing tux is "close enough" that alterations can get you where you want to go, I'd go that route (it's safer).
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    Can you post a photo of yourself wearing the tux jacket? Perhaps we'll tell you that the shoulders look a lot better than you think they do.

    Here's something to keep in mind: Right now, it's just about mid-September. Even if the consensus of the forum is that the shoulders really need to be altered, there's no guarantee that a tailor would be able to have the job completed to your satisfaction by your wedding date of October 7th. Shoulder alterations are notoriously difficult and time-consuming procedures.

    So let's have a look, please.
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