Wearing a non-button-down Brooks Brothers dress shirt without a tie?

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by rhz, Jan 8, 2018.

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    That's too bad. They look so much better when not wearing a tie, especially if a blazer or sport coat is being worn.
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  2. JBierly

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    I too have never been much of a fan of BD shirts; however,

    1) I agree that they eliminate any concern of an unruly collar
    2) They inherently are more casual and therefore naturally appear better when worn without a tie than a standard collar
    3) I still prefer to wear a tie most of the time
    4) When I wear a standard collar without a tie I haven't found that my shirt collars are unruly.
    5) I actually wore a BD sans tie today.
    6) Number 2 is the most important and considering how few men like wearing ties they really should be the most popular type of shirt.
  3. rhz

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    Thank you to everyone who has responded.

    I'm wondering whether magnetic collar stays could help here.

    Has anyone used them?

    Thanks again.
  4. stolo17

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    The reality is you will still be better dressed than the majority of your peers.
  5. challer

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    This. All my shirts are made to measure. Three are button down. the remaining 100 are dress collar. Use collar stays and there is no issue. Which is more pleasant to the eye is an opinion. Given all the "role" issues people have with the BD (just do a search), I find the plain collar to be a better solution for me.
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    For those poor souls who have been deprived of a proper appreciation for shirts with button down collars, if you absolutely must wear a shirt open collar and without a tie, you might consider the Columbia vented fishing shirts that I've become so deeply enthralled with over the past year or so and taken to wearing perhaps four to five of the seven available days each week. Some do have a buttoned collar, but the buttons are hidden beneath the collar tips, never to be seen by inquiring eyes. Several of these wonderfully comfortable and versatile shirts secure the collar tips with small squares of velcro under the collar points. In either case, your open collar will not be disrupting your focus by flying uncontrollably in your face. ;)
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    Florida has ruined you eagle. I still suffer through louisiana summer in full dress attire. But alas I am not retired yet.

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