Wearing a non-button-down Brooks Brothers dress shirt without a tie?

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by rhz, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. rhz

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    It seems that many dress shirts that don't have a button-down collar look strange when worn without a tie--the stiff collars seem to "float" in an awkward manner with the points just levitating off your chest.

    Have people found this to be the case with Brooks Brother's dress shirts (spread collar, forward point, cutaway, etc) as well? Do any BB non-button-down options look good w/o a tie? Do the collar points float above the shirt a lot?

    I'll add that I'm searching for something that would look good with and without a sports coat.

    Thank you!

  2. Dcr5468

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    Try a spread collar. Point collars don’t do well at all without a tie. Also I find having closer spaced buttons helps the collar stay put with or without a jacket as well.

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  3. eagle2250

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    If you are going out with no tie and an open collar, just put on a button down collar design and be done with it! It just, hands down, looks better. :cool:
  4. JBierly

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    8 button shirt where the next to top button is close to the top button helps. Smaller collar also can help.
  5. fishertw

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    Not a fan of non button down shirts without a tie.
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  6. FLMike

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  7. Kyle76

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    I am one of those who hates to see a collar point "floating" away from the shirt. As mentioned, spread collars (I have many from BB) tend to do better than pointed collars, particularly under some kind of jacket, but the button down is the way to assure your collar point stays put. I do see many men wearing dress shirts without ties these days. To me, the worst is a collar that hangs out over the lapel. As an aside, I notice that Prince Philip in "The Crown" often wears shirts with the collar floating up a bit, even with a tie. When did the collar stay become standard?
  8. SG_67

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    Why force it? Wear a button down collar without a tie and a spread collar with a tie. Simple.

    I know there are devices out there that will keep the collar down but I’m not keen on applying a complex system of trusses and scaffolding to get my clothes to behave in a married otherwise unintended.
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  9. CardsHockey

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    While button-down collars are the best option for what to wear without a tie, I do have non-button-down collar BB dress shirts and I have found that after a washing or two the collars do less, or stop, floating.

    Button-downs still remain the better option so make sure to diversify your dress shirts, but don't fret over wearing a non-button-down either.
  10. Adelantado

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    I wear spread collars without a tie all the time with no issue, always making sure to include the collar stays. I highly dislike button-down collars...
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