Visiting Florida, California, Oregon, Nevada, Maryland, Arizona and North Carolina next week. Get Me

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    Get measured in person by the Master Tailor himself!

    Get Measured by the Best!

    Get clothes that fit great & look good! All our Suits and Shirts are bench made bespoke and delivered in as little as 2 weeks!

    Great special offers and deals available on our roadshows.

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    Our Tailors are visiting:

    Raleigh/Durham, NC on Thursday 15th June.

    Las Vegas, NV on Thursday 15th June & Friday 16th June.

    Jacksonville, FL on Friday 16th June.

    Tampa, FL on Saturday 17th June.

    Los Angeles, CA on Saturday 17th June.

    Fort Lauderdale, FL on Sunday 18th June.

    Phoenix, AZ on Sunday 18th June.

    Miami, FL on Monday 19th June & Tuesday 20th June.

    San Francisco, CA on Monday 19th June & Tuesday 20th June.

    Baltimore, MD on Wednesday 21st June.

    Portland, OR on Wednesday 21st June.

    Book an appointment to get measured!

    Other cities also on schedule. See the dates of visits to other major US & Canadian cities.

    Available to view & to order will be our latest Selection of top notch fabrics for 2017 Fall/Winter Season.

    Remember to ask for Discounts, Special Offers & Deals when ordering multiple items.

    Promotion: Refer a friend, colleague, co-worker or bring him/her along to the appointment. Get a free shirt with your order when they place an order!

    Personal visit to Home or Office: If you are 3 or more - request a personal visit to your office or home from our master tailor (subject to availability). Send us an email for more information.

    Hurry! - Book an Appointment Online or Call us 24/7 at 1 646 257 5886
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