Virgin Suitsupply Experience (upcoming) - HELP

Discussion in 'Andy's Trad Forum' started by linedrive, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. linedrive

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    Posted in wrong area apparently. Garnered many views, but only the comment that I would be better served looking elsewhere.

    Admin - Please delete thread, my apologies.
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  2. Orgetorix

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    If you find anyone with the experience to help on AAAC, it will be in the Fashion Forum. I doubt anyone here in the Trad Forum has much experience with Suitsupply.

    Your luck would be better yet at Styleforum.
  3. Spin Evans

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    St. C does have a few suits from them.
  4. Odradek

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    I have a suit from Suitsupply, bought for my wedding just as I was discovering his forum, and when I knew absolutely nothing about suits.
    Good suit, but the wrong size. It's a 40R when I should have had a 40S or maybe even a 38S.
    Beware the salesman trying to get you to buy something just because they have it in stock, and can alter it there n the store.
    i don't think much of their alterations.
  5. alkydrinker

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    I am a 42L...but SuitSupply's Havana jacket in 44L fit me beautifully for a contemporary, Italian look (tho not Trad at all). The deal killer for me was the working button holes. The sleeves were of generous length and, the last I checked, all SS models have have working button holes, making sleeve alterations complicated. Apparently they will shorten sleeves at the shoulder for ~$80 in a SS store, but I was wary of doing that risky alteration. The jacket I wanted was also plaid with pattern-matched sleeves - I am sure the pattern matching would no longer exist after shortening at the shoulder. If it wasn't for that sleeve issue, I'd be a SS customer (my style isn't all that Trad).

    Shipping and returns is free and impressively fast. I received a jacket within like 2 days from the Netherlands to the US.

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