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  1. Andy

    Andy Site Creator/Administrator

    I got some socks from and they are a great value!

    Made from 100% mercerized cotton, which has a stronger fabric structure and will not shrink or lose its shape in a very thin sock, with reinforced heels, and toes.

    Plus you should see the colors! The prices are very reasonable too.

    Sweat is a strong solvent for dyes in socks, but Viccel uses Indantherene dyes, which do not disolve in sweat and these socks keep their original color. Also Indantherene dyes are resistant to light, washing, and chloride.
    Your black socks will stay black no matter how many times they are washed.
  2. eagle2250

    eagle2250 Connoisseur<br>Moderator

    As long as they come in black and navy color options, I'll give them a try...perhaps a brand to compete with the GoldToes, eh! ;)
  3. Nerev

    Nerev Well-Known Member

    Hmmm.. any with stripes? :aportnoy:
  4. Srynerson

    Srynerson Well-Known Member

    Is that address correct? When I try going to or, they come up as invalid addresses.
  5. deanayer

    deanayer Well-Known Member

    I think it should be like its spelled on the sock but thats not working either. I do I have the correct domain however as google has indexed it the same as I have spelled it, its just offline right now for some reason.
  6. kemalony

    kemalony Inactive user

    I have just checked it works fine
  7. gordion

    gordion Member

    hate synthetic

    can anyone tell me about are these socks really dont have synthetic ??

  8. memphislawyer

    memphislawyer Well-Known Member

    I am ordering a six pack today to try them out. About $4.90 a pair and he will let me mix and match on a 6 pack, making them about $4.00 a pair and free shipping
  9. From Vancouver

    From Vancouver Well-Known Member

    Those socks look short to me. Men wearing them might show leg when sitting down - a no-no. I prefer over-the-calf length socks.
  10. LanceW

    LanceW Well-Known Member

    I have 6 pair coming. It's hard to have too many socks :)
  11. sid1971

    sid1971 Active Member

    Just done the samething but ordered 8 pairs.:icon_smile_big:
  12. Andy

    Andy Site Creator/Administrator

  13. I have just spoken to them. they will be bringing out OTC socks and patterned socks in the future.
  14. gordion

    gordion Member

    i just ordered 6 pairs :) undyed
  15. kemalony

    kemalony Inactive user

    only have elastane in top section rate of it aproximate 1.5%. But this elastane does not have direct connection to skin because its placed inside socks' fabric.
  16. kemalony

    kemalony Inactive user

    Length of socks change depends on size and equal to foot length. Actually its hard to see leg when you sit down.

    But many people requested OCT Socks and we decided to add them in our production range. They will be ready end of this month.
  17. gordion

    gordion Member

  18. kemalony

    kemalony Inactive user

    We are preparing new designs when they are ready I will write you
  19. Andy,

    How would you compare these socks against Pantaharella, Marcoliani, Corgi and Falke?

  20. Andy

    Andy Site Creator/Administrator

    They are cheaper! :icon_smile_big:

    Actually the only socks that you mention that I have had any personal experience with is a couple pairs of Pantherella from Alex Kabbaz

    Now if someone would like to send me a pair or two of Marcoliani, Corgi and/or Falke I would be more than happy to give you my opinion! :icon_smile_big:

    Most of the socks in my sock drawer are Polo/RL.
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