Trad dogs?

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by Intrepid, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. CuffDaddy

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    Four, count 'em, four longhair standard dachshunds reside at Cuffwood Estate.
  2. flatline

    flatline Senior Member

    Me first dog is a rescue - jack russell/beagle/chihuahua mix. The second is also a rescue, but she's 100% pit. Guess which one is the nice one (unless you're another dog and you growl at her or her brother)?
  3. Earl of Ormonde

    Earl of Ormonde Connoisseur

    Irish Wolfhound, Irish, English or Gordon Setter, Pointer, Irish Terrier, Vorsteh, Weimaraner, Scottish Deerhound, Kerry Blue, Airedale Terrier, Boxer.
  4. sowilson

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    United States
    As a youngster my faithful companion was a Lab/Dane mix. Imagine a tall lab or a slightly short Dane built like a linebacker that would jump 6-7' foot fences for fun (her brother would dig under fences for fun). She would protect me and my friends from anyone who wasn't our age (older kids and parents), loved to swim, and had a penchant for retrieving the neighbors laundry.
  5. Scotch&Cigars

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    Yes I know this is old, but it is also outrageously ignorant. Those "eugenics" (when properly done) help maintain the health and viability of the dogs. Cross-breeding presents large problems in terms of health issues, temperament, and genetic stability.

    If we're going for ancient, then my Siberian Husky is rather tradly :p

  6. Luftvier

    Luftvier Inactive user

    If we're talking really "tradly," then the American Pit Bull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier take the cake.


    Used to be among the most popular US breeds, but declined after WWII. Many celebrities have chosen this wonderful breed over time, including Fred Astaire, President Roosevelt, Mary Tyler Moore, Thomas Edison, Brad Pitt, Ann Bancroft, President Woodrow Wilson, Humphrey Bogart, John Stewart and Bernadette Peters, just to name a few.

    They're everything a dog should be: loyal, intelligent, protective when necessary, and great with kids - which is why it's known as the nanny dog here in the state (I think the Staffordshire Terrier has the name nickname in the UK).

    Unfortunately, they have a bad rap due to abusive owners who raise and torture them with the hope of making them fight and kill.

    Besides my Pit mix, I've adopted a German Shepherd mix, a Malamute, and a German Spitz Klein. The shep was a doll, the Malamute a big boob, and the Spitz has a dominating personality, but is terribly nice.

    Heidi my shep/APBT:

    Fritz the German Kleinspitz:
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  7. J. Andrew

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    Preppy trad honors in my book go to the Black Lab and Golden retriever (extra points for an english golden) if only for power of numbers. Also tradly, beagle, Jack Russell Terrier, any other color lab, and my childhood dog and the softest dog in the world, the soft-coated wheaten terrier.
  8. Epaminondas

    Epaminondas Senior Member

    DING DING FAIL. Celebrities like all kinds of lame breeds - that doesn't make them Trad. All retrievers and likely hounds and terriers qualify.
  9. Jovan

    Jovan Honors Member

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    New Mexico
    It makes me wince how we can call a dog breed, make of car, orange juice brand, waffle iron, etc. trad... but that's just me.
  10. TheWGP

    TheWGP Senior Member

    IMO a dog should be a companion, not an accessory... but that's just me. :icon_smile_wink:
  11. Jovan

    Jovan Honors Member

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    New Mexico
    I'm with you. I'd rather just take home a dog from an animal shelter whether it's "trad" or not. Unfortunately, I can't even have a cat in this apartment without an exorbitant pet fee.
  12. Jae iLL

    Jae iLL Active Member with Corp. Privileges

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    Always loved Pit Bull type dogs: APBTs, AmStaffs, didn't really care for the American Bullies, but they're kind of growing on me.

    Wife and I have an English Bulldog, had him for two years now getting a female Pit next. Love the bully breeds, especially Pit Bulls, they'll literally die if it makes you happy. Wonderful breed, as long as they have dedicated humans.
  13. Dhaller

    Dhaller Super Member

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    While not the first dog which comes to mind, surely a Pekinese must be rather trad - after all, Doctor Doolittle has one!

    (Pictured: "Cupcake" the possibly trad dog, and the decidedly non-trad (alas) girlfriend :))
  14. dba

    dba Active Member with Corp. Privileges

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    Or not so traditional dogs

    This photo accompanied an article in the local newspaper regarding Hobbes' retirement after her 8 years as my police dog partner. She never got used to anyone pointing anything as us; even a camera. She's growling at the photographer as this was being taken. When she retired, people asked if I was going to get another dog to work with. That thought never crossed my mind. She was my constant companion during her 14 years on earth and was one in a million. I'm pretty sure that dogs go to heaven. If they don't, when I die, I want to go where they are. Not a day goes by that I don't think of her.
  15. WouldaShoulda

    WouldaShoulda Suspended

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    I think someone sold you a bear!!
  16. Bjorn

    Bjorn Moderator

    Wonderful picture. I'm sure wherever she is she is fine.
  17. Busterdog

    Busterdog Active Member with Corp. Privileges

    Trad dogs? Used to be the English Labrador in black, at a pinch a Jack Russell - both had to know their trade, be unobtrusive and perfectly behaved.

    I'm owned by a pair of elderly Labradors, a handsome black English chap of beautiful lines who hasn't an ounce of retriever instinct in his body, and a rangy chocolate American dude who was a brilliant, gutsy, indefatigable, retriever.
    So far so trad.

    I also share my home with a young Rottweiler - I sense your collective shudder. He, though, is a wonderful dog, good around horses, pleasant to other livestock, friendly to strange dogs, even likes cats - stand-offish with people until he is properly acquainted. Doesn't need a leash, walks perfectly to heel, even in the city. He finds it impossible to be unobtrusive he IS 130 pounds after all - and is an absolute babe magnet!
  18. zzdocxx

    zzdocxx Honors Member

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    Very cute.
  19. catside

    catside Super Member

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    My GSD is certainly not trad since he ate several very tradly shoes that did survive first owners, thrift stores, ebay sellers, me but not him. Thankfully does not like cordovan, likes suede most then soft calf. Argh!
  20. Jovan

    Jovan Honors Member

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    New Mexico
    From trad dogs (sigh) to just dog discussion! This is refreshing.

    Heartwarming picture. Beautiful girlfriend.

    My other half doesn't dress trad either, but that doesn't bother me. She's quite stylish in her own right.

    Thanks for the story. I take it you were in the Navy prior to being a police officer?

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