Trad dogs?

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by Intrepid, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. Intrepid

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    There can't be a better indication of shallowness, than someone who picks a dog, because of the dog's immage. However, after countless Princeton reunions, the dogs that I have observed in the Prade, are hundreds of goldens, labs of both colors, and an occassional neufie. Coincidence? Could be.
    I'll keep looking. This year there may be a number of dobermans and rotweilers with orange neck wear.
  2. Bog

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    Well, well. Nothing wrong with it. You can't exactly go and interview the dog, can you? So you have to look at it? Or does your dog talk?


    Southern Proper. On the internet, nobody can tell if you are a dog, but they can tell if you are trad.
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  3. Simon Myerson

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    Surely the best trad dog is an unwanted Mongrel (or a Heinz, to give it its proper name) rescued from an unwanted dog centre and thus displaying its owner's disregard of fashion and kind and generous nature?

    Strangely, I have just such a dog :)
  4. ajo

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    I agree completely people who buy dogs for their fashion or social status are mentally defective IMHO. Our dog is a Labrador Stafodshire cross with a bit of Queensland Blue thrown in for good measure.

    Elmo, my son picked the name, had a bad start to life he was thrown over a mates fence but their dog who had just had a litter adopted and weaned him then we took him and he always has been great company. He used to be a very proficient body surfer till arthritis caused his retirement.
  5. culverwood

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    Trad or not Newfoundlands are great if you have the space and the climate. Our last dog was a Leonberger, a dog of a similar size and temperament to a Newfoundland and we would have another given the right conditions.
  6. tinytim

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    So, what your saying is that 90% of all people are mentally defective!
  7. David V

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    If they buy a dog for it's social or fashion "points".
  8. dbgrate

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    Don't the LL Bean ads provide an answer? Looks like the yellow lab,by a nose!
  9. nolan50410

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    English Bulldog. Mine is our child.
  10. Aaron in Allentown

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    I'm not into dogs at all. I used to think I was a "dog person" because I hate cats, but I eventually came to realize that I dislike dogs just as much.

    I have never understood the obsession with "pure" breeds of dogs. Eugenics stinks in any form.

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