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Discussion in 'Andy's Trad Forum' started by Beresford, Jul 28, 2008.

  1. CrescentCityConnection

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    I actually think his blog is quite humorous. He feels the need to express his importance in most of his postings. I also think his choice of jackets is amusing as well, darted, some orphaned suit coats that he is trying to pass as a blazer and I won't comment on the fit of his clothing. :rolleyes:
    At any rate, I think I have thrown the last punch (for me anyway) on this dead horse.
  2. kevinbelt

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    I got into Mr. Max in my early twenties, and I very nearly became one of those guys. Shortly after I came across Mr. Max's stories, though, he was featured on some sort of MTV reality show, which basically showed him being ignored by women and culminated in him throwing up on himself. That disabused me of any notion that Mr. Max is a role model. Alas, not everyone seems to have come to the same conclusion.

  3. playdohh22

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    That is completely absurd.

    I would certainly like to know who this person is.
  4. hbecklin

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    It's true, we should be nicer. We don't know the guy, or his intentions for the blog. Under the assumptions that it is paraded as the truth.

    I also agree about the "engineering social distance" & this thread. I try hard to only post on the trad forum, and these quasi-interchange threads tempt me so. However, I tend libertarian, and since "trad" is more of a lifestyle choice than simply about clothes, I feel that all truly trad items for discussion should be let alone in the trad forum, the forum's' "invisible hands" of what is trad discussion leading the way.
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    Well, that does it.

  7. Harris

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    I remember a post of his from a while back, confessing a willingness to stray from the undarted sack. Best I recall he added that he preferred the waist to be "taken in" a bit.

    edit: Also it seems he's a fan of the bit loafer.
  8. Patrick06790

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    ^Hey, how did you do that?

    Double Woof!

    I think WASP 101 is a complete put-on, by the way. And with all the extra traffic generated by this thread he'll be getting that check for $4.63 from Google any day now.
  9. Harris

    Harris Advanced Member

    Oh, some can pull off the bit. No doubt.
    I'm pretty sure I'm not among the few.
  10. Graft

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    Funny you should mention fit of his clothing. I commented about the ill fit of his trousers on his blog once and suddenly three "other" commentors claimed it was perfect. Strange.:rolleyes:
  11. jamgood

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  12. LongWing

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    I have been under the impression that Richard is actually Russell Street.
  13. SCsailor

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    Who is Russell Street?
  14. wnh

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    Richard. Haven't you been paying attention?
  15. Prepdad

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    I had forgotten why I stopped reading his blog. Now I remember. One can only look at the same faux fireplace and the same Pottery Barn accessories so many times before one wearies of it all, silly drivel included. The saucy little minx. Now, really...
  16. Sartre

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    Of far greater interest than all this is the question why in god's name did you sell that jacket? It is perfection!

  17. Untilted

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    New York
    fit is not perfect. just practicing trad minimalism.
  18. Simon Syngen Clancy

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    I called this guy white trash one day on his blog because he used a term like "I don't roll that way". A wanna be homie. He also believes he can throw around a racist acronym such as WASP and it does not mean anything because when he uses it, it's all about his new Made in China RL Polo sweater.
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  19. RyanPatrick

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    When did the acronym WASP become a racist term? I don't know of anyone who takes offense to it.
  20. videocrew

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    You call him a "wanna be homie" and talk about his "Made in China" sweater then get upset that HE'S a racist because he describes himself as a white anglo-saxon protestant (which he may be)? I hope you're a troll, because no one could possibly be this stupid.

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