Suits With Double Breasted Vest?

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by LoneWolf, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. LoneWolf

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    Hello All,

    I've been binge-watching Billions on Showtime and really like the 3-piece suits with double-breasted, lapel vests that Paul Giamatti's character wears from time to time in the second season.


    Chuck Rhoades probably has his suits custom made, but I don't earn a New York US Attorney's salary. Anyone have some suggestions for OTR options?

    Thanks in advance.

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  2. SG_67

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    I’m not sure that a N.Y. US attorney earns as much as you think.
  3. WA

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    Some people save their money for awhile, to accumulate.
  4. upr_crust

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    For the record, those three-piece suits with double-breasted waistcoats which I own (at least currently - the one which I bought from Tyrwhitt was bought at full price, but I no longer own it) were all bought on sale. The latest acquisition of this kind was featured in the WAYWT thread only yesterday.
  5. Will.pennington7

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    I had two friends that worked for MW, and often wore suits they purchased through the custom program there, and they had several suits with accompanying DB vests. Not OTR, but not astronomically expensive.
  6. bespokewrinkles

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    I'm sorry but Paul Giamatti's DB vest is truly awful.

    The reason is length. Most vests these days are too long. But this one goes to the extreme. The hem is almost at his crotch!

    DB vests especially benefit from classical length--that is, just a little bit longer than the natural waist, worn with very, very high rise trousers. The longer the vest is, the worse it looks.

    No modern OTR vest that I know of is of an acceptable cut. Your best bet is to shop vintage.

    Here are some good examples:
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  7. Flanderian

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    Thank you for another splendid contribution!

    I couldn't agree more.

    I had missed that detail entirely. It looks truly bizarre in any conventional sense!

    Probably unlikely, but could it have any possible reference to the character's background? It looks vaguely like a garment that might have been traditional among some religious groups.
  8. Mr. B. Scott Robinson

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    Can a man with anything beyond minimal girth pull off a DB waistcoat? Why accentuate a negative characteristic with even more buttons and fabric?

    Maybe that is why Giamatti's waistcoat is absurdly long. He is not a svelte guy and I think a bit short to boot?


  9. StephenRG

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    The character has - had - inherited wealth.
  10. upr_crust

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    The examples which you showed are with, as you have said, very high-rise trousers - much higher rise trousers than would be acceptable to most consumers in this day and age.

    I agree both that the hem of a double-breasted waistcoat should fall to around the level of the natural waist, and that the waistband of the trousers should be concealed (there seems to be a trend for short waistcoats with low-rise trousers, revealing the trouser waistband and/or one's belt - not a good look, IMHO).

    I agree that Giamatti's waistcoat is much too long, and it can only be styled that way in an attempt to hide excess avoirdupois around his middle, which accentuates him being "vertically challenged" (spoken by someone who, in his senescence, has shrunk to being 5' 8").

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