storing wool and cashmere .

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by silverporsche, Dec 28, 2009.

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    What is the proper way to store cashmere , should cashmere be stored in plastic bags , if so is there a breathable plastic bag ? I have several sweaters , scarf's and polo shirts.
    My concern is moths.

    This also includes wool items should they also be stored in plactic bags ? I fold my sweaters , scarfs and polo shirts.
  2. Franko

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    Plastic/poly bags.

    Good question silver.

    Poly bags are the only solution that I know of for the summer months, the items are not needed (usually) and the moth breeding and eating schedule is at its' height.
    Some department stores sell cedar 'flavoured' bags.

    Moving to a higher rise apartment also might help.:icon_smile:

  3. Scoundrel

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    I don't think moths are things to worry about re. cashmere. Andy's encyclopedia recommends storing all fabrics in a cool area, with space for the garments to breathe. Thus, not too packed if storing in a drawer. As for poly bags, make sure they have perforations in them.
  4. ToryBoy

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    cashmere sweaters and scarf go in a large poly bag (the sweaters are neatly spread out) - once I did not put a cashmere sweater back in the poly bag, when I went to put on the sweater again four days latter, there were moth holes.

    wool sweaters just go straight into the wardrobe, never had problem with moth
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    Cedar chips in the closet during the winter, and everything goes into a cedar closet in the summer --- and I lightly sand the walls every few years. Questions:
    1) Where do you buy appropriate poly bags?
    2) If perforations are necessary for air flow, what's the point?
  6. Franko

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  7. a tailor

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    all wool type fabrics must be freshly cleaned and not worn before storing.
  8. Musick

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    Great point. Ill add (should be obvious but...) garment should be bone dry as well.

    I greater question should be how many items you are looking to store and your average climate. It might be as simple as folding and placing in a cedar chest.

    Since I can count my wool items on one hand, I have had success with those bags you attach to your vacum cleaner that seals said bag airtight. I throw a strip of cedar in them before sealing as well.

    I have a 12 year old overcoat that has survived perfectly over the years using the above method.
  9. jamgood

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    'Hefty OneZip' brand clear poly bags used to market a 2.5 gallon size in supermarkets. I think that's about 15" x 15". Several years ago they were perhaps 10 for $3.50. Don't know if they're still available. Large enough for most chunky sweaters.

    As an alternative, eBayers sell 2 mil. 13" x 15" clear poly zip-loc type bags. The last I bought a couple of years ago were perhaps 100 for $20. These also used to be available at 'If It's Paper' stores for about the same price. Petroleum based products have increased in price since then.

    Storing knitwear in plastic bags is heretical. Ima heretic.

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