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Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by RogerP, Sep 20, 2017.

  1. RogerP

    RogerP Connoisseur

    Beautiful watch. And I'm really fond of that style of waistcoat, crusty!
  2. upr_crust

    upr_crust Connoisseur

    United States
    New York
    New York
    The waistcoat is what I bought the suit for, Roger :).
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  3. never behind

    never behind Senior Member

    United States
    Received three new ties today from Chipp as I build my minimalist tie wardrobe. These are very nice ties. [​IMG]

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  4. FLMike

    FLMike Connoisseur

    United States
    West Coast
    Very nice, indeed.
  5. Dcr5468

    Dcr5468 Active Member with Corp. Privileges

    United States
    I purchased the grenadine on the right last week -fantastic ties

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  6. mfreeman73

    mfreeman73 Active Member with Corp. Privileges

    United States
    New York
    Nice ties. Reminds me that I need to get some new ones. I've been using the same ties for years.
  7. momsdoc

    momsdoc Connoisseur

    United States
    New Jersey
    Purchased from Peter Christian's UK website. These are the lowest price I have ever paid for an oxford shirt. Perfect 3 1/2" collar points, and double button barrel cuffs.


    I am surprised at the softness of the material and MOP buttons all for only £8.33 ex-Vat. The total shipping charge was £15. When divided up between the 4 shirts and 4 other items I ordered the total door to door was £10.17 per shirt.

    My only complaint is that they come in letter sizes only so the sleeves are longer than my usual 33. But just move the cuff buttons to tighten up the wrist and they will look fine under a sweater or suit jacket. With the cuffs rolled up in summer they are fine as is.

    They are also a normal, not baggy cut, nor extra slim, which is fine for my liking, but may be off putting for those who believe a man's shirt should fit like an adolescent girl's.
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  8. Fading Fast

    Fading Fast Connoisseur

    United States
    New York

    Down goes Frazier
  9. Woofa

    Woofa Senior Member

    United States
    Fort Worth
    This pic is a little late as my wife got it for me for Christmas. However it was the wrong size and the wrong color. Oconnells was very easy to work with and now...
    This is now my only non cashmere sweater but this could become a christmas tradition, at least I hope so.
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  10. tdiddy

    tdiddy Active Member with Corp. Privileges

    Just got these bonafe loafers from Lorenzo at sole garb. My second pair of suede shoes quite pleased. loafers.jpg

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