Seagate's new slogan "Your on"

Discussion in 'The Interchange' started by Bob Loblaw, Oct 28, 2007.

  1. Bob Loblaw

    Bob Loblaw Super Member

    I happened by Seagate's webpage to view some product information and came away feeling a bit confused. I am not sure if I understand what they are trying to say here with their (new?) slogan:

    Has editing really gone so far downhill that Seagate allowed careless grammar into their latest marketing campaign? Or is there some other meaning that is escaping me entirely?
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  2. radix023

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    You know, I gave up years ago trying to correct that particular mistake. I used to care. I used to correct it when I came across it.

    One day I got a private message in a chat system after making such a correction: "Your mean". I glanced in the mirror, saw Sisyphus and quit bothering.

    I didn't even make a fuss about the fact that we celebrated the new millenium a year early.
  3. JDC

    JDC Inactive user

    The proper response to that is, "Your mean to."

    We can thank the internet for an entire generation of complete morons. Far worse than grammar and spelling errors is the truly astonishing level of ignorance which is regularly displayed in online forums. I'm starting to believe some people's rear ends have never seen the inside of a library!
  4. jackmccullough

    jackmccullough Honors Member

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  5. marlinspike

    marlinspike Advanced Member

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    I think it was done on purpose. I think they're say Seagate FreeAgent holds your "on." I think that's what they're getting at with that bit they have about when we are without our passions we are less than ourselves but with Seagate free agent that won't happen anymore.
  6. JRR

    JRR Super Member

    Who cares?

    Apple had "Think different"
  7. Phinn

    Phinn Super Member

    If someone could invent a car that runs on misused apostrophes, we could put an end to Global Warming.
  8. gar1013

    gar1013 Senior Member

    If one was going by the American Heritage Dictionary, that could actually be correct usage. They just so happen to list the word different as an adverb. (second listing)
  9. jbmcb

    jbmcb Senior Member

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    Let's see, it's a hard drive dock that uses large-ish "portable" drive cartridges, and a sync utility (aka Windows Briefcase/SyncToy/Windows Backup...)

    Well, it's about as good of an idea as "Your on."
  10. VS

    VS Super Member

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    Your for you're is one of my biggest pet peeves, along with looser for loser.

    These are not even difficult to get right. I can understand someone misspelling supercalifragilisticexpialidocious but you're?

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