Recrafting for Allen Edmonds Suede Shoes (Sea Island)?

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by ccsabathia, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. ccsabathia

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    Hey all!

    I have a pair of AE Sea Island Suedes that I love. The problem is that the heels are completely worn down.

    I saw on AE's website that I can get the heels replaced for $50 or can do a "standard package" recrafting for $125.

    My question: since the shoes are suede (not leather), and wouldn't benefit from having, e.g., the uppers refinished, do you recommend doing the standard recrafting? Or should I only have the heels replaced? What exactly is the benefit of doing a recrafting on suede? (Forgive me for my ignorance/if this is an obvious question.)

    Thank you for your insight!
  2. eagle2250

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    Were the shoe mine, I would save some money and have the heels replaced locally. It should cost you $25 to $30.
  3. winghus

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    If the sole isn't worn down, just get a heel. The only problem with going local for a heel is that AE will not recraft it if you do. If the sole is leather I would get a Topy and a heel locally and it will be much cheaper than recrafting and the Topy can be replaced over and over as far as I know.
  4. Titus_A

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    If your heel is completely shot your sole can't be too far behind, I would think. And I'm not so sure that the suede won't benefit from recrafting: the surface won't be refinished, but relasting the leather should help with creases and the like.

    If you've worn the heel down quicker than I'm estimating, go ahead and send it off for just the heel. But if you have a lot of wear on the leather part of the sole, especially around the edge where the upper and lower portions of the sole are attached, I'd go for the full package. The last thing you want is to send it off for a $50 sole and then have catch your foot on an uneven place in the sidewalk and have the sole split the week you get them back. (Note that if that happens, the full recrafting package is the only option.)
  5. Tom S.

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    So if one has routine maintenance like heels done locally then AE will refuse to do a full re-craft down the road?
  6. London380sl

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    Not all of AE shoes are recraftable and it appears Sea Islands are included in that group. As per the AE website.

    " Due to the construction methods used on the Sea Island, this style is not eligible for our Recrafting services".

    They might still be able to do heels but I would go local (if you can) for that task.
    Check with AE For confirmation:

    email or call 877-495-5564.
  7. winghus

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  8. eagle2250

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    For what it's worth, I've had my heel toplifts replaced locally on a regular basis and AA has completed subsequent restorations on those shoes, but when I've had a pair resoled locally, AE has subsequently refused to recraft that pair. The question of whether AE will work on a pair of our AE's, subsequent to work being done locally, seems to depend on the type and extent of such prior work and how that work was accomplished. AE did refuse to recraft a pair of my old friends that had been previously half soled locally. :(
  9. momsdoc

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    Well that settles the future redrafting concern.

    I too would think if the heels are that shot, that the soles can’t be far behind.

    No matter what you choose to do, remember with any shoe, if the manufacturer won’t recraft them, then B. Nelson will take good care of them.

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