PSA Shaggy Dogs 40% Off

Discussion in 'Andy's Trad Forum' started by Starch, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. Starch

    Starch Well-Known Member

    J. Press increased the discount on the Shaggy Dogs to 40% literally a few minutes ago. The discounted prices is $108.

    I know this has been discussed here in previously because - by odd coincidence - I just did a search on the subject. By even odder coincidence, I was actually shopping for one at 25% off when the price suddenly changed to 40%.
  2. Starch

    Starch Well-Known Member

    More: not just Shaggy Dogs. A bunch of stuff just went from 25% to 40% or 50% off.

    The Shaggy Dogs seem to be of most interest, since those discounts are less common, and there's a decent selection.

    But, if you're so inclined, you can now grap a crazily-orange sportcoat for only $247.50 (in Harris Tweed) or $172.50 (in corduroy).
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  3. AlanC

    AlanC Sartorial Sultan<br> Moderator, Trad Forum

    There are a bunch of schoolboy scarves at 40% off, too.
  4. Bricktop

    Bricktop Well-Known Member

    Thanks! I grabbed a nice green one.
  5. M Go Crimson

    M Go Crimson Well-Known Member

    Can anyone comment on the J Press Blackwatch Scarf vs the Pendleton Blackwatch muffler? The dimensions for the Press scarf are not listed.
  6. 32rollandrock

    32rollandrock Well-Known Member

    I love/hate this sort of thread as much as I love/hate the Press website. Duly alerted, I pulled the trigger on a SD sweater and a brown watch sport coat, only to receive a confirmation email stating I had been charged full price. It will, of course, get sorted out, but yet another reminder to always call a store when dealing with Press (unless it's after hours and you need to get in line before stuff gets sold out).
  7. Starch

    Starch Well-Known Member

    You're freaking out unnecessarily. You don't need to call anyone (unless, of course, you need to ask something).

    The e-mail message is just an oddity.

    J. Press is extremely good about pricing. I've ordered things before at one price, and been surprised to discover I was charged a lower price, as they applied a discount that took effect after I put my order in.

    The Brownwatch, incidentally, seems to be part of the "Harvard Collection," i.e. a collection of sportcoats that are all coupled with Harvard ties in the photos. The rest:
    Tweed Teviotex
    The Tweed with peak lapels
    Orange Harris Tweed
    Yellow Corduroy
    Corduroy with "warmer pockets"*
    Orange Corduroy

    *Aside: somebody has a "pre-owned" one of these advertised on eBay as "very rare" and priced about 70% higher thatn a brand new one.
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  8. zightx

    zightx Well-Known Member

    Well... Then I'll just have to deicide whenever to get the small or medium. Any thoughts on sizing on this seasons shaggy dogs?
  9. Semper Jeep

    Semper Jeep Well-Known Member

    Damn this thread!
  10. SconnieTrad

    SconnieTrad Well-Known Member

    Agreed! But then again, I had been eyeing those tartan scarves all winter...
  11. inq89

    inq89 Well-Known Member

    Thanks to the OP. Grabbed a yellow and a scarf. Tempted to buy another but even at $108 it's too expensive for me to justify for a sweater :/
  12. DoghouseReilly

    DoghouseReilly Well-Known Member

    Got a A&S scarf. I couldn't resist. $66 shipped still seems steep for a scarf, though...
  13. M Go Crimson

    M Go Crimson Well-Known Member

    Picked up a sweater and a scarf. Now to wait 280 days to wear them.
  14. Bricktop

    Bricktop Well-Known Member

    My shaggy dog has arrived. But the wife is eying it.
  15. Taken Aback

    Taken Aback Well-Known Member

    You should have bought two.

    I've mentioned this before, but there seems to always be several of the Brownwatch jackets at the warehouse sales. I assume that price to have beat the current sale, but I can't remember at the moment.
  16. inq89

    inq89 Well-Known Member

    My yellow shaggy has also arrived. Is it me, or does the weaving seem "loose"? I can see my shirt underneath with all of the tiny holes made by the weaving. I compared it to my only other shaggy, a 2010 model, and that seemed more thicker and closely knitted than my new one.
  17. Nice Nice

    Nice Nice Active Member

    Has anyone seen/handled the olive shaggy? I'm tempted to pull the trigger but can't tell for sure what shade it is.
  18. zightx

    zightx Well-Known Member

    That doesn't sound to good. A loose knit sweater. :(
  19. roman totale XVII

    roman totale XVII Well-Known Member

    I bought it and it arrived today. I'm in the office, but will report tonight when I get to see it. I was stuck between that and the Dark Olive Mix...
  20. Starch

    Starch Well-Known Member

    I got one, actually. It's a bit lighter and greener than I thought from the online photo, though not wildly so. That suggests that, if you're on the fence between it and the dark olive mix, based on the online photo, you might prefer the darker one. The word "mix" in the name is also a good thing, by my lights, as one of the more appealing and distinctive characteristics of the Shaggy Dogs is the mixed coloration.

    Of course, it all depends on the monitor.
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