Plaque buckle for straps wider than one inch?

Discussion in 'Andy's Trad Forum' started by frankmartin, May 19, 2017.

  1. frankmartin

    frankmartin Active Member

    The link below is to a brass plaque belt buckle sold by Sid Mashburn. I have one of these and like it.

    It only fits a one inch strap.

    I'd like to have a similar buckle just as nice as this one which fits on a 1.25 inch strap. It seems that most engine turned plaque belt buckles only fit one inch straps.

    Does anyone know where I can find one which fits a 1.25 inch strap?

    Thank in advance!
  2. Clintotron

    Clintotron Well-Known Member

    The difference is 1/16th of an inch or .0625 inches.

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  3. frankmartin

    frankmartin Active Member

    The Trafalgar buckles are 1/16th of an inch too small. A buckle would work if it accepted straps wider than mine (ie, larger than 1.25 inches), but unfortunately they do not. They accept straps 1/16th of an inch narrower than mine. In all likelihood, I would have to cram my straps into such a buckle. That would likely damage them.
  4. paul winston

    paul winston Well-Known Member

    This does not answer your post. I thought the forum members would enjoy seeing this buckle I received as a gift from Peter Krindler of the 21 Club. The buckle is a copy of "COMING THROUGH THE RYE", which was part of Mr. Krindler's Remington collecton. The buckle is heavy brass and fits on a 1 3/4" strap. It is NOT for sale.
    Paul Winston remmington.jpg
  5. 127.72 MHz

    127.72 MHz Well-Known Member

    ^^ Very impressive Paul. If it was mine my heirs would receive it,...
  6. L-feld

    L-feld Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I misread your post and thought you were looking for a Tiffany-style compression buckle. If you are looking for a buckle to use with straps that have holes, just order this belt from Brooks Brothers. You can remove the strap that comes with it and use it with any of your straps.,defaut,pd.html
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