Oxford Shoes with Business Casual

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by never behind, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. never behind

    never behind Senior Member

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    I personally prefer the look of Oxfords vs Derby dress shoes. I rarely wear suits but daily wear a business casual outfit of sport coat/odd wool trouser. Are brown/burgundy oxfords too formal for this outfit? Styles such as cap toe , perforated cap toe, or wingtip (in AE shoes -> Park Avenue, Fifth Avenue or McAllister). What about black oxfords, say with charcoal trousers?

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  2. scottfranklin

    scottfranklin New Member

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    New York
    I'm still learning myself, but I would think you could wear the Fifth Avenue or McAllister with those outfits. The Park Avenue looks more formal, especially in black because the toe stitching is less noticeable. Brogue or more noticeable stitching appears less formal to me, but it's really what your comfortable with.
  3. 3piece

    3piece Senior Member

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    I wear my brown Park Ave with that outfit with no hesitation.
  4. stolo17

    stolo17 Starting Member

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    Not a problem. Go for it.
  5. Hebrew Barrister

    Hebrew Barrister Senior Member

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    Regarding oxfords -- anything brogued would be perfect, although I don't see an issue with using capped toes here.

    Regarding derbys -- while I love them and wear them regularly, am I the only one who only likes plain derbys? Brogued derbys just seem too busy to me. Mine are all plain toes.
  6. never behind

    never behind Senior Member

    United States
    I agree. The only derbys I’ve owned have been plain. And I like brogues.

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  7. twoinhandknot

    twoinhandknot Active Member with Corp. Privileges

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    Fifth Avenues go with pretty much any wool dress trouser, and would probably be alright with cotton dress pants as well. Go for it. It wouldn't look right with chinos though unless it was in a more casual color.
  8. JBierly

    JBierly Advanced Member

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    I find brogueing on a derby to be fine. The informality of the brogueing seems to fit the informality of a derby at least to my eye.
  9. Buffalo

    Buffalo Super Member

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    new jersey
    I personally prefer a derby with business casual as it complements the look better than the moral formal oxford.
  10. Flanderian

    Flanderian Connoisseur

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    IMO, the issue isn't whether the shoe has an open or closed throat, but rather if its level of formality suits the rest of what is being worn is. And, I find more formal oxfords such as the Park Avenue and other more formal cap toes not well suited to more casual clothing.
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