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Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by joeyb1000, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. joeyb1000

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    I'm going to get a BB MTM cotton sport coat and wanted some opinions on some options. This is a casual jacket with the same material as say a pair of tan chinos (3-button sack style).

    1. Choices on lapel/pocket stitching: Hand ("pick") stitching, 1/4" topstitch or a plain bluff edge?
    2. neutral buttons or brown buttons for contrast?
    3. They offer full canvas (Golden Fleece) or half canvas (1818) at a lower price. I've always had Golden Fleece grade. Is there any reason to go half canvas on this type of jacket (i.e. lighter weight)?
  2. Matt S

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    1. I think 1/4" top stitch is best on sporty jackets like these.

    2. Brown buttons for contrast can be very nice on such a jacket.

    3. Cotton jackets do not last as long as wool, so I might want to spend less for half canvas on a cotton jacket. Half canvas is often heaver than a full canvas because even though the canvas does not extended through the entire front, the entire front on a half-canvas jacket will also be fused. Full canvas tends to feel softer and lighter. If this is a lightweight cotton, the fused front of half canvas can help the front of the jacket to look cleaner. While full canvas is often good because it can conform to your body, cotton won't conform to your body like wools will. Putting full canvas into a cotton jacket won't pay off like it would with most other materials.
  3. SG_67

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    I'll echo Matt's sentiment from #3. I was gong to answer with something similar but his explanation is far more succinct yet thorough.
  4. WA

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    At the edge of the fuse wouldn't that create wear, and wear out sooner? The full canvas adds continuisim from top to bottom, and a nice clean edge.
  5. joeyb1000

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    Thanks for the comments.
    1. The 1/4" topstitch is a definite.
    2. I'll see what they have. I agree some contrast would look nice.
    3. Given that there is no advantage to half-canvas, I'll go with full. Half-canvas isn't half the price, and it takes me a really long time to wear jackets out.

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