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Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by suitandtieguy, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. suitandtieguy

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    My bf and I are going to a formal event and he surprised me with a pair of Opera Pumps (they have bows). I think they look feminine but he assures me that these are totally appropriate for men to wear with black tie.
    I have never owned a pair before nor seen anyone earing them. Thoughts?
  2. Lime

    Lime Starting Member

    Opera pumps are a traditional choice for formal footwear, along with the more masculine patent leather laceup balmoral. I wore a terrific pair of Cole Haan calfskin opera pumps for 20 years, from my fraternity days to just this past year, and only replaced them with Alden patent leather bals for the sake of change. That being said, my wife thinks the opera pumps are a bit dandyesque, especially on my 8.5 size foot, but that's her problem.
  3. indylion

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    Offensive post deleted by Teacher
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  4. Aaron in Allentown

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    Opera pumps are not feminine, they are refined and dignified (unlike the snipe above).

    They are descended from the shoes that men wore at court (as in the presence of the English monarch), except they now have a bow instead of a steel buckle.
  5. Cruiser

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    I understand the traditional aspects of opera pumps and would never project any negative connotations in the direction of folks who wear them; however, I don't think I will ever wear them myself. They come across as being very feminine looking to me. I'm just thankful that there are other options available.

  6. David V

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    Uncalled for.
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  7. David V

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    I wish anyone would buy me Opera Pumps. Preferably calf with a low vamp. consider yourself lucky and wear them with confidence. They were good enough for Frank and Dean.
  8. jackmccullough

    jackmccullough Honors Member

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    I agree with the OP--I would never wear them.

    Of course, I feel the same about patent leather--way too dainty for me.

    I also agree that indylion's post was beyond the pale.
  9. donk93953

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    I wear a pair that I had made for me at Crockett & Jones.
    Leopard across the toe. Black velvet.
    I've received nothing but compliments when I wear them.
    Particularly from the ladies.
  10. Valhson

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    Can't say here nor there. I do like the look but with 10EEEE feet, I feel they wouldn't look right for me. Wouln't be against others pulling it of that is for sure. I see them at the Kennedy Center now and then.

    But with a sunken heart I must inform you I see very little proper dress there on opening nights anymore. Looks like most just leave to office and show up.

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