Old dogs, new tricks.

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by taylorgtr, Sep 14, 2013.

  1. taylorgtr

    taylorgtr Well-Known Member

    It's not very well done, but it's a start. Taught myself how to tie a bow tie today. I'm sure it'll get better over time.

    bow tie.jpg
  2. phyrpowr

    phyrpowr Well-Known Member

    I can appreciate. Read a bunch of "how to" articles in pre-internet days, got frustrated, realized I could tie my shoes just fine, and simply did it. I now amaze the populace on occasion by untying and retying on the spot.
  3. firedancer

    firedancer Well-Known Member

    Now just pull on the single back end and single front end together and cinch that puppy up!
  4. taylorgtr

    taylorgtr Well-Known Member

    Yep, practicing that - After several more tries, I might actually wear one in public. :icon_smile_big:

    Next up, pocket squares.
  5. firedancer

    firedancer Well-Known Member

    If it won't cinch, you just messed up the last step a little.

    Don't push the end of the tie through the back , push and pull the body ( skinnier part ) until the end is kind of flush with the fold on the front.

    So one side is folded in the back, as is the opposite in the front.

    This was the trickiest part for me.

    As for the PS, BB has an excellent tutorial on their website, but I've found their really isn't a wrong way to do it.
  6. taylorgtr

    taylorgtr Well-Known Member

    Thanks - I've done it about 20 times so far.....and it is getting a bit easier - I'll check out the BB tutorial.
  7. Gurdon

    Gurdon Moderator

    Same thing happened to me. I was struggling with a bow tie one day and in the midst of it just tied it as I do my shoe laces. Since then it has been a relatively easy job, even with my eyes closed.

    Whether everything is smooth or not, doesn't seem to matter as long as the knot is tight. The main point, as firedancer notes, is to get the loops of the bow and the ends more or less even. After all, it is not pre-tied. I think of it as somewhat of a g-t-h accessory, especially with evening clothes. A grumpy tightly knotted bowtie that stays tied seems preferable to a pretty one that falls apart.

  8. Howard

    Howard Well-Known Member

    Years ago, someone taught me how to tie a tie but now I forgot how to. I might have to be taught again.
  9. Oldsarge

    Oldsarge Moderator and Bon Vivant

    Despite being a born academic I have no intention of learning to tie a bow tie because I'll never attend a formal gathering nor wear one in public. But good fortune to you all, anyway.:wink2:
  10. fly4food84

    fly4food84 Well-Known Member

    Congrats now you're a true gent!
  11. Shoe City Thinker

    Shoe City Thinker Well-Known Member

    How does one control the width of the finished knot? Mine come out too wide.
  12. firedancer

    firedancer Well-Known Member

    The knot itself or the tie as a whole?
  13. Shoe City Thinker

    Shoe City Thinker Well-Known Member

    The finished product. The wings of the bow extend beyond the borders of my shirt and jacket lapel.
  14. firedancer

    firedancer Well-Known Member

    You have too much tie to work with. Shorten it up in the back to your shirt neck size or .5" bigger.
    Edit: that is if you have labeled neck sizes in the back. If not, shorten it up until you get the right length.
    Then go to all of your bows and set them to the same length. You should be set.
  15. taylorgtr

    taylorgtr Well-Known Member

    How about getting the center knot nice and snug? I'm doing the opposite corner tugs and adjustments, and it doesn't seem to cinch any better than when I first get it set.
  16. firedancer

    firedancer Well-Known Member

    Pull on the opposite ends while gently holding the folded ends as well, just to keep everything lined up.

    If pulling on opposite ends doesn't cinch, then the last step was probably done wrong, ie, flat end passed through the loop first instead of pushed through allowing the flat end to stay on its first side.

    It may go without saying that you should have one folded end, and one flat end on each side left and right, and they should be on opposite sides in the back.

    Practice my friend.

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