Nordstrom cutting Allen Edmonds

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by Tristan944, May 17, 2017.

  1. Tristan944

    Tristan944 New Member

    I don't know if this is general knowledge, but a Nordstrom shoe department manager told me that Nordstrom is cutting Allen Edmonds.

    I'm disappointed because Nordstrom is the only store near me that sells them and because of Nordstrom's fantastic customer service.
  2. Jgarner197

    Jgarner197 Well-Known Member

    I haven't heard that, pity if true. My Nordstrom is a fairly small store with limited selection and when I asked where some of the Allen Edmonds product had gone they said that they were being told to carry different shoes. The salesman said they were still going to offer them online but not in that store (never thought to ask if that meant all stores). From what I could see Magnani is what replaced the Allen Edmonds display in store
  3. SG_67

    SG_67 Well-Known Member

    ^ are you sure it's all Nordstrom or just that one?
  4. Jgarner197

    Jgarner197 Well-Known Member

    From my understanding it was just my local store as they did the same thing with Burberry product a few years back and stopped carrying it locally in Spokane Wa. but at other stores the brand is alive and well. Like I said I never thought to ask the salesman if that meant all stores because the thought of Allen Edmonds being removed from Nordstrom unilaterally seemed highly improbable to me.
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  5. SG_67

    SG_67 Well-Known Member

    I have no additional information on this beyond this thread.

    Retailers, however, will often drop a particular product line or pick one up depending on their customer base and locality.

    More provincial stores will not carry the same lines as the flagship stores. Here in Chicago, the Nordstrom on Michigan ave carries John Lobb. The suburban stores don't.
  6. FLMike

    FLMike Well-Known Member

    It's probably just the new owner, Caleres, shifting distribution from Nordstrom to its own Famous Footwear chain.

    Kidding, of course. Kind of. I think.

    Seriously, though, my local men's haberdasher recently dropped the AE line because he was tired of competing with AE itself, as it has aggressively expanded its retail business (online, AE stores, Shoebank) to the detriment of its wholesale customers.
  7. triklops55

    triklops55 Well-Known Member

    If this is true, it has less to do with AE than with Nordstrom itself. I've noticed the inventory of my local Nordstrom decline in quality slowly over the last few years. Where they used to carry more high-end, high quality goods, they have shifted to carrying lower-priced and more "fashion goods." So I wouldn't be surprised if they dropped AE at most brick and mortar stores. Once they drop Hickey Freeman, I will no longer be shopping there at all.
  8. SG_67

    SG_67 Well-Known Member

    ^ They carry Canali and Samuelsohn as well you know.
  9. DenverESullivan

    DenverESullivan Well-Known Member

    This actually doesn't shock me...

    Both Nordstrom stores that are near me only stock 4-5 different Allen Edmonds styles and that's it. Our local Dillard's store discontinued AE shoes right after Christmas and the Nordstrom inventory of them seems to be slowly dwindling.

    In my case, I figured the reason was because AE opened their own stores literally within 100ft of the Nordstrom locations in both malls.

    I've seen this recently with a couple other Nordstrom staples (Kiehl's, Vinyard Vines, Jo Malone, etc). It seems some manufacturers have decided to go toe-to-toe with their own reseller which is insane. I seriously doubt a standalone store is going to have enough traffic on a sole product line to afford the expense of staying in a high-end mall location like these for any significant period.
  10. triklops55

    triklops55 Well-Known Member

    I know. My local one also has some Zegna. I think it won't be long before they drop all these brands and the highest quality they offer is HSM.
  11. JLibourel

    JLibourel Honors Member<br><i>King Fop</i>

    I have noticed that in recent years the Nordstrom's at South Coast Plaza (the only one I frequent with any regularity) has been offering fewer and fewer A-E styles. I always figured that the opening of an A-E store down the hall from them might have had something to do with it.

    In general I have noticed that their menswear section has skewed more and more toward the casual end, which I suppose is only following market realities as far fewer men feel a need or inclination to dress better than a very low casual standard these days.
  12. EdwardWilson

    EdwardWilson Active Member

    The retail market is changing. In the next 10 years Nordstrom, Saks, Lord & Taylor, Macy's (they suck) and Brook Brothers will be lucky to survive. Management doesn't want to pay their employees commission and brick and mortar is expensive.

    The new wave is small stores (but only in large markets) and internet sales. This will have a devastating effect on smaller brands. I was in Saks looking at Samuelsohn suits and wondered how the brand will survive when Saks and Nordstrom are gone. Maybe Harry Rosen will expand south of the border but that's not enough sales to keep Samuelsohn in business.

    The quality at Nordstrom has been going south for a while. I noticed most of their suits are Ted Baker and Pete Millar and fused Boss garbage from Turkey, which are a big step-down from brands they used to carry in larger volume like Hickey Freeman.
  13. SG_67

    SG_67 Well-Known Member

    I don't think they'll be gone. They will broaden their selling channels but there will always be a base of consumers who will shop at a B&M.

    Many retailers are understanding the notion of experience and so offering events and other happenings at their stores to attract customers.

    An odd irony to this was a story that Amazon will experiment with opening brick & mortar bookstores. A business that was once thought to usher in the end of the bookstore is itself going that route.

    The catalog business did not kill retail, nor will the internet. Things will change but most of these stores will be around for a while.
  14. FLMike

    FLMike Well-Known Member

    Really? You know this how? Some of these pronouncements and prognostications remind me of a certain commercial. "I'm not a retail analyst, and I've never opened a 10-Q, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night".

    Yes, Nordstrom is struggling. It's stock is down 20% over the last week, and it trades lower than it did five years ago. However, AE was just bought by the old Brown Shoe Co (now Caleres) and it's a bit of an unknown what that will portend for their operations and strategy. I actually was a retail stock analyst for a major investment bank for a number of years and, without performing the requisite fundamental analysis and research, it seems to me a bit foolish to make such baseless assertions.
  15. triklops55

    triklops55 Well-Known Member

    I know this as much as you do, which is to say it's an educated guess. As others here have stated, Nordstrom has moved away from selling many high quality, high price brands in favor of more fashion brands and lower priced goods.

    If AE was the problem, we'd see that brad replaced with a comparable brand such as Alden, Crockett and Jones or Carmina. Wouldn't you think?
    BTW, it's not an assertion. It's merely an opinion with really no weight behind it besides what I've personally observed. Don't get all worked up over it. If you have a different opinion that's fine and you're as free to share it. We're just speculating here and there's no need to get all offensive.
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  16. SG_67

    SG_67 Well-Known Member

    Again, what one store decides to do with regarding to merchandising does not apply across the entire platform.
  17. Tristan944

    Tristan944 New Member

    The manager told me it was all Nordstrom's. He didn't mention when or if it also applies to their online store.
  18. drlivingston

    drlivingston Well-Known Member

    There is a certain amount of plausibility in your jest.
  19. twoinhandknot

    twoinhandknot Well-Known Member

    I guess AE is pretty much mainly online now, with a few retail stores in major cities. Sad, it looks like Nordstrom is dipping in quality a bit, even if prices are pretty much the same.
  20. SG_67

    SG_67 Well-Known Member

    It could have been Nordstrom that initiated the break up due to the conflicts.

    My wife's company did that with Herman-Miller when the latter bought Design Within Reach.

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