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Discussion in 'Deals and Steals!' started by Andy, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Andy

    Andy Site Creator/Administrator

    I just got one of these shirts and will do my review (favorable) soon. But here's a great offer: Use the Code ANDYG at checkout and your Natty shirt will be only $19.99 !

    Super introduction. This not not apply to the Valentine Shirt.

  2. zzdocxx

    zzdocxx Well-Known Member

    Where's the link, old chap?

  3. adoucett

    adoucett Well-Known Member

  4. zzdocxx

    zzdocxx Well-Known Member

    Found it, wow, but their phones must be ringing off the hook, couldn't get through.

    I got a little confused on the sizing, there are frames for

    "Short Body Size"
    "Full Body Size"
    "Shirt Size"

    OK I think I get it, short body size is for a shirt with just the basic measurements of neck and sleeve. But I don't get the difference in "full body" and "shirt size" measurements, as they seem to be the same.

  5. zzdocxx

    zzdocxx Well-Known Member

    I think I get the difference, body size is for measuring your actual body, and shirt size is when you measure a well-fitting shirt.

  6. zzdocxx

    zzdocxx Well-Known Member

    When I click through the shirt design part, it seems to default to "short size". I want to use the "shirt size" option which has eight measurements.

    Mr. Doucett which of the measuring choices did you use?

    Andy how about you?
  7. zzdocxx

    zzdocxx Well-Known Member

    I don't see any place to verify that my sizes are correct or which they are using after submitting the order.

    Edit: Found the measurements in my profile, so it looks like they took.
  8. zzdocxx

    zzdocxx Well-Known Member

    OK I just ordered two shirts, a light blue tiny stripe with spread collar, and an off-white they are calling brown broadcloth with a hidden button-down collar.

    Total damage ~$55.

    (I hope this works out.)
  9. walrusbt

    walrusbt Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I'm confused. Do I just need to choose one of these measurement options? I don't need to flll them all out do I?
  10. walrusbt

    walrusbt Well-Known Member

    What they show as classic spread and traditional spread seem more like point collars to me? Am I wrong? Maybe this is more of a traditional name for point collars? I consider myself more of a medium spread guy -- looks like "wide spread" would be the best option for me.
  11. zzdocxx

    zzdocxx Well-Known Member

    I think you are right about the collars, that threw me at first also.

    After doing the customizing thing about five times, I finally figured it out, and it appears the eight shirt size measurements I gave them will be used. I did click "Save" after entering those measurements and didn't enter anything into the short size data lest there be some confusion.

    Since I went through it five times, when I finally checked out I needed to uncheck all the duplicate entries I had on the invoice, and then the total was recalculated. Then I put in the incredible Andy code and OK now we'll just keep our fingers crossed!

    Glad it wasn't just me who found it confusing, I was feeling a bit dense for a while there.

  12. Essential

    Essential Well-Known Member

    Shipping is an eye-popping $15.
  13. adoucett

    adoucett Well-Known Member

    I am considering the following:

    • White Oxford Cloth (would really like to read a review on this)
    • Collar: BD
    • Cuff: one button corner
    • Front: regular
    • Back: side pleat
    • Pocket: flap (à la J.Press)
    • Bottom: round
    • slim fit

    • Small Blue Stripes
    • Collar: Wide spread
    • Cuff: one button corner
    • Front: regular
    • Back: smooth
    • Pocket: none
    • Bottom: round
    • slim fit

    Anyone see any problems there? I guess the tricky part will be getting all of my sizes exact.
  14. zzdocxx

    zzdocxx Well-Known Member

    Do you have a shirt that fits really well? If so, you might use the measurements from that, or with adjustments if you think they are needed.

    I took a shirt from Hemranjani, (Joe H. measured me at their offices and the shirt is quite comfortable), and I measured that. I also checked those against a shirt I ordered from moderntailor quite some time ago, I had sent them my body measurements and amazingly the two shirts were quite close in measure. I also checked one of the Brooks Brothers shirts I have and while the fit is pretty good, it is not as comfortable as Hemranjani (Mytailor).

    I made the length one inch longer. I took the square bottom but they didn't offer little vents down there like the two other MTM shirts.

    An interesting difference in the Hemranjani (mytailor) and the one for which I measured myself (moderntailor) is that while the center of shoulder to end of sleeve equals 35" in both, Hemranjani's is 10" shoulder placket and 25" sleeve, where mytailor is 9" shoulder and 26" sleeve. I actually like the Hemranjani fit better so that's the way I ordered it.

    I am finding I am getting much better at measuring things after a year and a half of experimenting.

    Good luck!
  15. zzdocxx

    zzdocxx Well-Known Member

    PS The reason I jumped on this right away is because my observation is that the specials can go away, so you know waiting for the reviews and so forth, you get the picture. But Andy said it was "favorable" and that's good for me.
  16. walrusbt

    walrusbt Well-Known Member

    This is the first time I've ordered a custom shirt so I'm a little worried about measuring things right. I've used a shirt that fits me well, the one area I'm concerned about is sleeve length (I'm used to just buying a 34). I guess based on the way this is asking for measurements, my normal length shouldn't be 1/2 yoke + sleeve length but should be close? Is this right?
  17. zzdocxx

    zzdocxx Well-Known Member

    My regular sleeve length in a shirt is 35".

    Both the MTM shirts I have, half of the yoke and the sleeve added up to 35", just in different configurations. \

    You could lay the shirt down flat with all the buttons buttoned, that might help. Of course face down to get the yoke "half" measurement.

    Make sense?
  18. walrusbt

    walrusbt Well-Known Member

    It does. The way they seemed to show the yoke measure basically went from the top of the sleeve to the under the middle of the back of the collar (not following the seam) which is why I thought it would be close but not match here
  19. Rick Blaine

    Rick Blaine Well-Known Member

    Shipping is tad bit expensive but total price not bad for a custom shirt.
  20. zzdocxx

    zzdocxx Well-Known Member

    They are probably shipping it from India or something, what do you think?

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