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    Yep. Wearing the suit today. I don't have time for a full review now, but will try to do one later or come back and edit this one.
    Here is the summary:
    Decent fitting suit and an ok make. There is no mistaking the suit I got for real bespoke. If you enjoy bespoke for the craftsmanship and extra attention to fit, this suit won't make you happy. I certainly don't get the same pleasure out of wearing this suit as I do from "real" bespoke. On the other hand, I would recommend them in a second for someone who just wants a decent looking well fitting suit. It is very good value for the money and an excellent product for a sane person.

    In my case, the specific issues are a little too much padding resulting in a dishonest shoulder as my taste goes. But I gave them leeway to do what they thought best here, so this might be my fault. More disappointing is the blockiness of the shape in the back. Good bespoke follows the contours in three dimensions yet, with good balance, hangs straight. This just hangs.

    I might try them again and if I do, I will be more specific about the shoulders. I am not so optimistic about the remainder of the fit issues as asking for too much might be courting disaster. We'll see. If they can improve at all on the first suit, I will certainly be pretty pleased. But I am not excited enough to go running back just now. It depends on how badly I want to get rid of some old inexpensive cloth.

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