Lawrence, The Fashion Guy!

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by Andy, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. Andy

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    Got together with Lawrence at a Macy's Fashion Show! We've know each other for a long time. We started in the "fashion" biz about the same time and both lived in Los Angeles so ran into each other at various events.

    But, of course, he's gone on to really bigger and better things as a well know stylist to Hollywood stars and celebrities and most importantly the man on the red carpet for the Academy Awards commenting on women's fashion for TV broadcasts.

  2. Clintotron

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    Excellent. Both looking polished.

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  3. drlivingston

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    He's wearing a henley and a jacket. I can't believe people aren't losing their minds. :evil:
  4. FLMike

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    I'm with you, Dr L. Wasn't sure if Clint's response was tongue in cheek.
  5. tda003

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    ^...or merely polite.
  6. SG_67

    SG_67 Connoisseur

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    Some of us actually know him as the cousin of Lawrence The Cable Guy.
  7. Howard

    Howard Connoisseur

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    very nice. :)
  8. eagle2250

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    LOL. Times change and people, some change and some don't. But one thing is for sure...the world passes by most of those by who don't. Hence anachronisms are a relative rarity and that's Ok! ;)

    That is a nice picture and a nice memory, Andy. Thanks for sharing it.
  9. Clintotron

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    Definitely a genuine compliment. While they're not dressing themselves to suit me (as they shouldn't), I can always appreciate someone who takes time and effort to present themselves in a respectful manner.

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  10. Gurdon

    Gurdon Moderator

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    Actually, the henley in question seems a little too dressy to me; more like a polo shirt without a collar than the traditional henley.

    I think, by the way, that the look of Lawrence's clothes comes across as mildly sporty. It seems to me to be consistent with LA dressy fashion, a style, I am not comfortable wearing, but which works south of Tejon Pass.

  11. Oldsarge

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    Yeah, I think you're right. Another reason I moved to the PNW.
  12. Fraser Tartan

    Fraser Tartan Senior Member

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    That's a good photo! :aportnoy:

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