How does one use a trench coat throat latch?

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    I believe the attachment is correct and useful. It does not cover the gap from the outside, it covers it from the inside. The left side of the collar should be on the outside, and the right side should be tucked inside. The throat attachment extends further inside and is then covering any gap between the collars as it sits over the right collar that is now inside, and under the left collar that is now outside. The strap and buckle allows you to adjust the length so that the "V" of the throat attachment is in the middle of any gap in the collars, based on the size of your neck. It's probably more trouble than it's worth, but would provide some extra protection in severe weather.
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    I'm willing to buy that. It makes it a lot less useful, since any water dripping down from the throat would not be directed to the outside of the coat, but it does at least sort of stay in that position with the collars up. It does require the latch to be unbuttoned, but I can at least consider the idea that the buttons are there to hold the latch in place when the coat is not being worn, but the user doesn't want to fully secure the latch in the back of the collar.

    The only thing I disagree with is the "adjustable" part. The length of the collar makes it so that the latch must be at the final hole in order to get to the throat. Even with my small neck, it must be fully extended.

    Assuming this is correct, and I have little reason to doubt it, Burberry took something difficult but useful and turned it into more difficult and practically useless.

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