Hopsack or Linen Blazer...hmmmm?

Discussion in 'Bespoke Clothing' started by donk93953, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. donk93953

    donk93953 Active Member with Corp. Privileges

    Quintana Roo
    Puerto Avneturas
    Looking at having either a medium blue dbl breasted blazer in hopsack or linen for summer wear.
    1/2 lining....

    Your thoughts on either option of hopsack or linen?
  2. smmrfld

    smmrfld Super Member

    United States
    Hopsack...much less wrinkling.
  3. mack11211

    mack11211 Advanced Member

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    New York
    New York
    Hopsack for less wrinkling, as noted above. Plus it's easier to clean.
  4. JLibourel

    JLibourel Honors Member and King Fop

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    Long Beach
    I have both hopsack and linen-blend jackets. Between the two, I would certainly choose hopsack.

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