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Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by never behind, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. never behind

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    I've been reading through the forums about what trousers to wear with grey sport coats. I suck at matching stuff, and I've never had a grey coat (I'm working to build out a decent wardrobe). So I came across this jacket.


    The pattern seems like its something that wouldn't be taken for a orphaned suit coat. I'd love opinions on what trousers you think this would work with.

    As an aside, what price range is considered a good value for HF mainline jackets?
  2. SG_67

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    That's about as sport coat as a sport coat can get. No chance of it being mistaken for an orphaned suit jacket.

    I'm not crazy about it personally, but I would think that just about anything except for gray would work. Perhaps charcoal but I'd have to see it up close and personal.

    I would stick to solids, though. No pattern in the slacks otherwise there would be too much clashing.
  3. never behind

    never behind Active Member with Corp. Privileges

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    Is it because it's a mid grey that grey slacks in general wouldn't work? In old threads there seemed to be a lot of disagreement about grey coats and trousers.

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  4. Matt S

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    It looks like there's brown and navy in the check, so you could try trousers in brown, fawn or muted navy. My go-to trousers with this, however, would be charcoal.
  5. SG_67

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    I'm simply expressing my opinion. You're certainly welcome to pair it with a light or mid gray but it's not my cup of tea and I wouldn't do it.

    If gray is what you want, then charcoal may be your only option.
  6. Barrister & Solicitor

    Barrister & Solicitor Super Member

    You will want to create a contrast between the jacket and pants. I didn't zoom on the picture but picking pants that match a more subtle color would be a good start.
  7. eagle2250

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    The ad recommends a pair of brown dress pants to be paired with the sport coat in question, but my eyes tell me that jacket would pair best with navy trousers! :thumbs-up:
  8. rufus4299

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    I have a somewhat similar jacket in color and pattern, and have had a bit of trouble with finding the trousers to go with it. I'm not a fan of navy odd trousers, so I don't have a pair. I usually end up wearing mine with charcoal flannels, and I've also tried mid-brown. But neither combination wows me, honestly. I think my jacket may have a bit of a strange hue to the grey that throws it off a bit. I have to agree with eagle that navy might work best. Maybe I should pick up a pair myself!

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  9. rtd1

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    Charcoal, navy, or tan would work best with that jacket. Honestly, just about any common color would be passable with it except light or medium gray.
  10. Andy

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    never behind:

    The good news is that gray is a "neutral" color and should go with every other color.

    On the Home Page, in the Style Tips section read the Color Coordination, and the Coordination (pattern, etc.) articles


    These Coordination articles which will help put into practice how to coordinate colors and patterns.

    Also take a look at the series of articles "How To Look Your Best".


    That will help with finding the best styles for your body type plus colors that are best for your skin, eye and hair tones.

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