Help me name this accessory! (close cousin to the throat latch, I believe)

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    Hey gents, this will be a newbie question for most of you, but the answer has eluded me for a long time. Years ago I saw some trench coats and even some sports coats with this detail, and I tried to make a mental notation for the future when I would request this for a custom garment. Alas, it has been forgotten long since. And yes, I did search this forum thoroughly but to no avail. But luckily I recently found a picture which shows this exact accessory:


    It's the kidney bean shaped detachable 'latch' under the gentleman's collar. I'd like to ask, this is a trench coat feature first, and a sports coat feature second, correct? Any other garments you might find it on? It seems like a more casual, sporting look. Also, I seem to remember it being placed under the lapel, or even inside the coat itself. Does the placement vary? I thought I remember a picture of Prince Charles closing his lapels with it, not the collar. Thanks for any info you can give!
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    Military greatcoats have them, so do some sports jackets, but then it's usually an extension of the collar that can either be buttoned back on itself, or buttoned across with the collar turned up; sometimes the lapels also button together by means of a button underneath the right lapel buttoning into the boutonnierre buttonhole, that could be what Prince Charles's coat had. A lot of Barbour and other outdoor-type jackets have throat latches (I think that is the correct term).
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    I have always believed it to be called a throat latch. My barbour 3/4 length has one, as does my raincoat, and I think one of my old tweed jackets did too.
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    For some reason, I really like that picture. He looks so happy.
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    Yep, throat latch.

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