HBC/Hudson's Bay Cotton Canvas 'Governor' Coat (trench coat mutation?), Take a look + I have questio

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by Virtue Aesthetics, Nov 28, 2013.

  1. Virtue Aesthetics

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    So first of all, if you guys aren't aware of the HBC Heritage stuff, I think they have some really nice looking pieces, of to my naive eye quite good quality and at fair prices. Selection is however quite limited and items seem to come and go with little product information (they have a traditional ladies trench coat but no men's trench!! waaah).

    Here is the coat that caught my eye, I originally called it a double breasted waxed cotton coat, though I realized its not really waxed cotton at all (must be the babourian colour).


    And I guess I have two questions really. Well the first is more of a problem. They only had size Larges left in store, and it seemed a bit big but I really can't be sure. I'd hate to order a medium and find it too snug, or too short in the sleeves. Ordering both sizes and sending one back would be a serious vexation, and I'd rather forget the coat altogther. So my question is, (1) how should coats like this fit? I'm guessing mid-thigh length for startesr, not sure about the other dimensions of fit however.

    And my second question is (2) if you guys have seen a coat similar to this anywhere else, at a comparable price? I have a hunch Barbour makes something like this but I can also be certain that it would be out of my current price range. But moreover I'd like to know that coats like this are being made by other companies that way I can have some peace of mind passing up on this exact one.

    Anyway, I hope you guys share my taste for this coat and consider yourselfs in such a piece!! (no personal brand affiliation on my end)
    Looking forward to seeing what you all have to say.


    and here's the link:
  2. Virtue Aesthetics

    Virtue Aesthetics Well-Known Member

    I got the sizing charts off an online rep,

    Medium -- Chest 38-40 -- waist 34-36
    Large -- Chest 40-42 -- waist 36-38

    I asked if they were designed to be worn over a (suit) jacket, and the lady said yes. But I followed up saying that I wear a size 40R jacket, and my chest measures at 39", to which she recommended the large. I'm not so easily convinced. Anytime I see ranged sizing I take the smaller one when my true size straddles the inner bounds (when shirts are Medium 15-15.5" and Large 16-16.5" I take the medium, the large is always massive on me although I consider myself a 15.5 or a 16), and I also won't always be wearing a jacket beneath. Any thoughts on this? Especially people who have dealth with trench coat sizing and inevitably factored in room for the jacket too. The classic dilemma is essentially: sizing up to allow room the jacket vs. the manufacturer has already allowed for room at the same coat size as the jacket size.
  3. Oldsarge

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    I guess the only way to know is to put on a suit and head back to the store and try it on that way. It's a pretty woodsy/casual looking coat, though. Maybe you should try it on over a thick sweater and long underwear? It gets plenty cold up your way and it might be adjusted to take that into consideration.
  4. Spex

    Spex Well-Known Member

    I like the coat! It's not clear to me whether or not your plan is to wear it over a suit jacket or not. Perhaps your height/weight/suit size might help determine M vs L. I'm 6'2", 165 and I typically fit well into a 38 suit (some 40s look OK). I bought a Peacoat on sale from J Crew a few years back in a M long (was only able to get a Long online). It fits me well and I could probably get a suit jacket under it. I prefer the closer looking fit of the M, although most guys my size would automatically gravitate to a L, and some sales people would probably push a L if that's all they had in stock.

    I don't see why you can't just order the M and return it if you're not satisfied. In terms of getting advice from someone working at The Bay - nice store, and I've bought many things from there, but I'm not sure I'd trust the advice of someone working there 100%.
  5. Virtue Aesthetics

    Virtue Aesthetics Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys, come to think of it I'd probably just be wearing a woolen sweater beneath it most often as Oldsarge suggested. And good thinking Spex, I'll start off with the medium. I'm 6'1 160lbs myself, thin as a rake.

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