Haircuts? Where? How much? How often?

Discussion in 'Grooming' started by cowboyjack, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. cowboyjack

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    Okay, here's one. Where do you all get your hair cut? Old fashioned barbershop? Fancy stylist? How much and how often?

    I found an old fashioned barbershop where the guy is married to a woman that went to my high school in a different state and city, I knew her uncle.

    He wears a white barber smock, real shoes and slacks and shaves your neck. A huge rack of recent magazines if you have to wait. $16 with a tip and I go about once a month. A decent cut, no fuss no muss, and none of that shampooing your head nonsense.

    You all?
  2. chatsworth osborne jr.

    chatsworth osborne jr. Senior Member

    Barber only

    If a barbershop doesn't have a striped pole out front, I don't go in. Also, the barber generally has to be at least in their sixties. Stylists don't cut close enough, and they certainly aren't shaving a neck with a blade.

    Frequency is ideally monthly, but is often stretched to six weeks. I bounce between three shops depending on my schedule, but they are all between $12-$15, I think.
  3. Leather man

    Leather man Super Member

    I used to go to a "proper" barbers but the one in my town kept making such a hash of my hair I now go to my wife's hairdressers. I've found a great cutter who has had a lot of training in men's hairdressing - but she's not cheap! I pay £26 which is a lot of money to me so I go only once every 6 - 8 weeks. Because she is a great cutter I can go that long without looking scruffy.
  4. eagle2250

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    These days I go to the NW Indiana version of a traditional barbershop; knotty pine paneling, porcelain painted barber chairs, with leather (I think) upholstered seat and back cushions, stainless steel framed (waiting) chairs with naugahyde cushions and in and out of the chair in 20 minutes or less! Though, only one of the three barbers wears a (blue) smock. Cost: $11, plus $3 tip. Frequency: Every three weeks, sometimes sooner.
  5. fitzwright

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    Stylist. $40 after tip 6-8 weeks. With curly hair it's either someone that knows what they're doing or a buzz cut. Plus, there's a hand massage included which is a nice extra.
  6. agnash

    agnash Super Member

    Twice a week, in my bathroom, with my clippers.
  7. Leather man

    Leather man Super Member

    When I'm bald:icon_smile_big:
  8. nolan50410

    nolan50410 Super Member

    I go every 3 weeks to a female stylist. The cut is $20 and I tip $5. She shaves my neck with a straight razor and waxes my eyebrows free of charge. The eyebrows thing felt a little fruity at first but now its like when I first started whitening my teeth. I just seem to notice men with nasty yellow teeth and bushy old man brows all the time. Certainly not a look I want.
  9. Droog

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    Once a month for $14 plus tip to a regular barber shop. As I get a military style haircut, I don't need anything fancy.
  10. KenR

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    Floral Park
    Every four weeks to "John the barber". $11 plus $5 tip. Keeps him happy, therefore my haircut is happy.

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