Haircuts? Where? How much? How often?

Discussion in 'Grooming' started by cowboyjack, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. cowboyjack

    cowboyjack Well-Known Member

    Okay, here's one. Where do you all get your hair cut? Old fashioned barbershop? Fancy stylist? How much and how often?

    I found an old fashioned barbershop where the guy is married to a woman that went to my high school in a different state and city, I knew her uncle.

    He wears a white barber smock, real shoes and slacks and shaves your neck. A huge rack of recent magazines if you have to wait. $16 with a tip and I go about once a month. A decent cut, no fuss no muss, and none of that shampooing your head nonsense.

    You all?
  2. chatsworth osborne jr.

    chatsworth osborne jr. Well-Known Member

    Barber only

    If a barbershop doesn't have a striped pole out front, I don't go in. Also, the barber generally has to be at least in their sixties. Stylists don't cut close enough, and they certainly aren't shaving a neck with a blade.

    Frequency is ideally monthly, but is often stretched to six weeks. I bounce between three shops depending on my schedule, but they are all between $12-$15, I think.
  3. Leather man

    Leather man Well-Known Member

    I used to go to a "proper" barbers but the one in my town kept making such a hash of my hair I now go to my wife's hairdressers. I've found a great cutter who has had a lot of training in men's hairdressing - but she's not cheap! I pay £26 which is a lot of money to me so I go only once every 6 - 8 weeks. Because she is a great cutter I can go that long without looking scruffy.
  4. eagle2250

    eagle2250 Connoisseur<br>Moderator

    These days I go to the NW Indiana version of a traditional barbershop; knotty pine paneling, porcelain painted barber chairs, with leather (I think) upholstered seat and back cushions, stainless steel framed (waiting) chairs with naugahyde cushions and in and out of the chair in 20 minutes or less! Though, only one of the three barbers wears a (blue) smock. Cost: $11, plus $3 tip. Frequency: Every three weeks, sometimes sooner.
  5. fitzwright

    fitzwright Well-Known Member

    Stylist. $40 after tip 6-8 weeks. With curly hair it's either someone that knows what they're doing or a buzz cut. Plus, there's a hand massage included which is a nice extra.
  6. agnash

    agnash Well-Known Member

    Twice a week, in my bathroom, with my clippers.
  7. Leather man

    Leather man Well-Known Member

    When I'm bald:icon_smile_big:
  8. nolan50410

    nolan50410 Well-Known Member

    I go every 3 weeks to a female stylist. The cut is $20 and I tip $5. She shaves my neck with a straight razor and waxes my eyebrows free of charge. The eyebrows thing felt a little fruity at first but now its like when I first started whitening my teeth. I just seem to notice men with nasty yellow teeth and bushy old man brows all the time. Certainly not a look I want.
  9. Droog

    Droog Well-Known Member

    Once a month for $14 plus tip to a regular barber shop. As I get a military style haircut, I don't need anything fancy.
  10. KenR

    KenR Well-Known Member

    Every four weeks to "John the barber". $11 plus $5 tip. Keeps him happy, therefore my haircut is happy.
  11. cowboyjack

    cowboyjack Well-Known Member


    I did the clip my own for several years before I was married, but my wife distressed, so it is the barbershop for me.
  12. playdohh22

    playdohh22 Well-Known Member

    I use to go to a stylist where my mom gets her haircut. It was expensive (well for me at least), $30 + 10 tips (without a shampoo). The haircuts I got were, well quite feminine - the stylist would only use scissors to cut my hair. I finally switched to a barber last year, after I didn't like my haircuts too much and it was too expensive.

    Keep in mind that barbers cut ONLY mens hair as opposed to salons, where they squeeze in time for a man's haircut. Stylist are trained to cut hair for woman, thus creating soft and pretty hair. Whereas Barbers are trained to cut more masculine haircuts. Even if you are looking for a longer haircut, I'd suggest a barber.

    I've been going to the same barber for a year now. I get my sides and back tapered with clippers and cut fairly short on the top. I now get a much more masculine look as opposed to the haircuts I got at the salon. The place where I get my haircut is located in the East Village E9th St. - It's called "Neighborhood Barbers" . I usually visit every 20-30 days. I just paid them a visit today and I am very satisfied with the cut. They charge $14 + a $5 tip, $19 and you really get the "bang for your buck." When my barber is almost done he shaves the back of me neck and behind the ears with a straight razor and warm shaving cream - which makes it feel like a more upscale place ( I only get this treatment sometimes, I think its because I don't grow enough hair in the back :( ).

    For those who currently get their haircuts from a Stylist, I really advice for you change to a Barber.

  13. fitzwright

    fitzwright Well-Known Member

    Sorry Stan, I have to disagree. I and several of my friends go to the same stylist. So do a few of my lesbian friends who get decidedly masculine cuts. A good stylist knows how to cut for men and women. It's just unfortunate that many of them only concentrate on women's cuts.

    Also, it's difficult to find anyone that can cut curly hair properly. Now that I've found someone that does a good job I'm not likely to head to a barber unless I need a crew cut.
  14. FalconLorenzo

    FalconLorenzo Well-Known Member

    There's a great place I've found in West Akron, Ohio called Costanzo's West Park Barber shop. Two old Italian fellas and a nice young blonde lady hold the fort Wednesday-Saturday. The best haircut I've found since the great late Norm the Barber in Hudson passed about a decade ago. I try to get in there once every 3-4 weeks for a "medium, side part." It's like $14 or $15 but I just give an even $20 because 1.) its worth it 2.) these are the people who take a scissors to my hair for crying out loud! The place is truly a gem!

    edit: forgot to mention! These fine folks actually use a scissors! A real live pair of scissors! Sure, they'll use a trimmer for a minute on my sides but then they get down to business with the scissors. You don't know how long it took me to find a barber shop that wasn't staffed by a bunch of 20-something highschool dropouts who literally never use scissors.
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  15. StylePurgatory

    StylePurgatory Well-Known Member

    When the old school barber i had been going to was forced to close by the building owner, and chose to retire, I expimented with all of the high end, trendy, stylists in the city. Many have sprung up, capitalizing on the current trend of reviving old fashioned, male grooming rituals. The first one I tried did a phenomenal job the first time, so I wasn't bothered by the hefty $30 tag. I went back several times, with his cuts getting les and less good. When he shaved me with dull blades (I now know better than to lie back and accept that) and blamed the length of my beard when I said the shave was unpleasant, I finally canned him, his trendy music, and fellow barbers, each one dressed in a different flavour of hipster. I had mildly Better results with the next guy, but not good enough to justify the price, which was similar. I turned to yelp, and it led me totally astray. A vy pleasant gentleman, who charges $60 for a shave and hair cut, and boasts about his shaving prowes, but uses disposable blades. Haircut was awful, and he ignored anything I said I wanted. The shave actually felt quite good hours later, but it wasthe worst shave experience I've ever had.

    Finally, I came to realize that this was al kitsch, and about being seen places. In between my ventures into these places, I was also trying a little shop, full of Italians barbers in their 60's and 70's. One is adequate, another very good, and my preferred barber is a magician. I'm satisfied that I have experienced, and evaluated, the new school. I don't regret it; I'm glad I can now say, with conviction, that nothing beats a real barber. So, tiny shop with four chairs, 3 Italians, and a Spanish woman, $17, $20 with tip. Theoretically, I go monthly; in reality only bimonthly if I'm on top of things. Usually a soccer game on, and they don't hold it against me that I'm an England supporter. What more could a guy ask?
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  16. FalconLorenzo

    FalconLorenzo Well-Known Member

    It is really a special experience. Something very innocent, perfect, and necessary about finally finding a classic barber experience!
  17. Tempest

    Tempest Banned

    I think about $12 is the going rate at a standard unpretentious barber. One thing I've become picky about is the guards on clippers. This is rarely a good sign. It is like training wheels. Anyway, I usually wait too long at a month and a half, thus demanding that a lot come off, which leads to another month and a half till it grows out. It's a vicious cycle.
  18. StylePurgatory

    StylePurgatory Well-Known Member

    I do a similar thing - I know it takes me forever t get to the barber, so I tend t get my hair cut very, very short, so it lasts longer. For my wedding, I had to keep reminding myself to ask for it to look right, right away, not in two weeks.
  19. FJW

    FJW Well-Known Member

    Where- Pat's Barber Shop

    How Much- $14.00 + Tip

    How Often- 3-4 weeks
  20. MarkY

    MarkY Well-Known Member

    I shave my head every other morning with a Gillette Fusion. Get them on eBay for about $2 / blade. When I'm done, I give myself a piece of Bazooka bubble gum and read the comic to myself.

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