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Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by The Louche, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. The Louche

    The Louche Well-Known Member

    I live in the Washington, D.C. area and have been interested in having a MTM suit done for quite some time. As I am picky and on a limited budget (never a good combo when it comes to menswear) I have been extensively researching my options. It seems to me that my best value will be an H. Freeman MTM, done up right at the Westminster, MD factory. I have read generally positive things on AAAC regarding H. Freeman and feel that I am about to make the right choice. I would appreciate any suggestions that members with H. Freeman experience may have. I have spoken to Elio twice on the phone and he has assured me that, even though H. Freeman tends toward an American silhouette, there is a great deal of flexibility regarding waist suppression and armhole height. I am definitely looking for a European-style jacket with slim flat-front trousers. Any suggestions regarding the best way to ensure agreeable results in light of my desires would be greatly appreciated - thanks!
  2. rkipperman

    rkipperman Well-Known Member

    H Freeman has a new model (I forgot the name) that tries to achieve just what you are looking for.
  3. The Louche

    The Louche Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Rkipperman, have you done MTM with H. Freeman? Any special angle I should work or anything specific to keep in mind/ask for?
  4. dfloyd

    dfloyd Well-Known Member

    H. Freeman is used by many smaller botiques....

    which generally charge full retail. I don't own one, but I have seen their suits and they do an acceptable job. They are, however, an American cut, so make certain you can get what you want; ie, side vents, pick stitching, flat front, etc. I could not get all I wanted at the time I was ready to order a db; so I opted for a BB Regent which is more of an English cut.
    Also, a couple of times a year, they have an MTM sale whereby you can get an MTM for the same price as a RTW, which saves you about 20%. Find out when the next one is.
  5. PJC in NoVa

    PJC in NoVa Well-Known Member


    I've been thinking about an H. Freeman MTM as well, but have been putting it off till a chance/need to travel to Manhattan comes around (i.e., I've been aiming at going the LS route).

    Are you dealing directly w/ the factory in Westminster? Do they have a factory store like Hartz-Oakloom used to have in Frederick before they went belly-up a few years back?

    Or are you doing this through a local retailer, and if so may I ask which one? Who is Elio? Basically, I'm keenly interested in whatever findings you can glean from your MTM expedition, and would look forward to hearing more about them on the board, if you're so inclined. Thanks.
  6. rkipperman

    rkipperman Well-Known Member

    I have done it twice. I used different models both times. Ask to see their book from H Freeman that shows the various silhouettes, and chose the one that most closely resembles what you are looking for.

    In addition, verify whether the suit will be half or full canvas construction. Mine were both full canvas, but may be different depending on the store you are dealing with.

    Finally, you should be able to pick the color of your lining (if you chose to do so) without any additional cost.
  7. The Louche

    The Louche Well-Known Member

    Rkipperman,Thanks - I will DEFINATELY spec full canvass. I am assuming "pic stitching" and working cuffs are an upcharge?PJC,The name of the Westminster factory is English American and Elio is the fellow that apparently runs the show over there. He did seem like a bit of a salesman (that assumed I knew little about suiting), but he was very charming and polite none-the-less. I will be making the trip in about three weeks and will update at that time as well as upon receipt of the suit.
  8. PJC in NoVa

    PJC in NoVa Well-Known Member

    Thanks very much; I'll look forward to your updates. I just found the old Trad forum thread from last fall about E-A and Elio. Seems like a promising MTM possibility w/out having to travel to Manhattan, which wd be nice.

    E-A apparently has sales which will knock the price of a $1K MTM suit down to ca. $850--that wd be nice too. You might want to ask Elio about offering a best price to match what they'll do during a sale, or failing that find out when the next sale is. It's a thought.
  9. rkipperman

    rkipperman Well-Known Member

    Yes, they are both extra. I think I paid about $50 for those two extra items. I also specified horn buttons which ran me another $20.

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