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  1. daytura

    daytura Well-Known Member

    To digress slightly from the
    London Hotel recommendations thread :

    I was under the impression that these places remained highly elitist.

    To those forum members who are also members of such private clubs, what were the social/economic/moral requirements for membership? Would you be willing to discuss the merits of your club, and would you recommend it to others?
  2. Henry

    Henry Well-Known Member

    The decent ones (Brooks, White's, Boodles) are pretty tough to get into.
  3. medwards

    medwards Honored Professor<br>Moderator, All Forums

    For those interested in the history and culture of London's gentemen's club, I would suggest taking a look at Anthony Lejeune's The Gentlemen's Clubs of London. First published in 1979 by McDonald and Jane's Publishers Ltd and then reissued by Dorset press in 1984 and then again in a lovely trade paperback version in 1997, this is a wonderfully illustrated guide to these establishments. In addition to Malcolm Lewis' extensive photographs, there is a treasure trove of historical illustrations and images.
  4. Martinis at 8

    Martinis at 8 Well-Known Member

    I think Boodles is the club that Blades was patterned after in the 007 series.

  5. medwards

    medwards Honored Professor<br>Moderator, All Forums

    Ian Fleming was a member, usually lunched there while in London, and was devoted to its feel and culture. (I believe he had previously been a member at White's). Blades goes through some evolution in the Bond books, but you are quite right that it eventually becomes a very straightforward reflection of Boodle's.
  6. Martinis at 8

    Martinis at 8 Well-Known Member

    Some of the St. James' clubs have reciprocity with the Army-Navy Club of Washington, DC of which I used to be a member. I just can't remember which ones.

    Also, I believe the Metropolitan Club of Washington, D.C. has reciprocity with a few of the St. James' clubs.

    Unfortunately, I have degraded into debauchery over the years and now prefer places like The Men's Club in Houston. I think it's probably the classiest topless bar in the world. The restuarant fare is fantastic, as well as the entertainment. Great place to watch a show after a steak dinner and light up a cigar.

  7. medwards

    medwards Honored Professor<br>Moderator, All Forums

    The Army-Navy Club has reciprocity arrangements with London's Army & Navy Club, the Carlton, the Cavalry & Guards Club, the East India Club, the Lansdowne Club, the Naval & Military Club, the Naval Club, the Phylls Court Club, the Royal Air Force Club, the Sloane Club, the Special Forces Club and the Wig & Pen Club.
  8. Martinis at 8

    Martinis at 8 Well-Known Member

    Sounds like you are a member of ANC in DC.

  9. Sir Henry Billingsgate

    Sir Henry Billingsgate Well-Known Member

    Upon which club was the Drones patterned after in the Wodehouse series?
  10. Martinis at 8

    Martinis at 8 Well-Known Member

    dunno :confused:
  11. Henry

    Henry Well-Known Member

    My gut reaction is that it's just an amalgamation of clubs. He doesn't really go into much detailed description, merely sends up the grumpy old men v young upstarts image of clubs.

    I have a copy of a Wodehouse companion called "Plum Sauce" by Richard Usbourne. It's excellent. If I could find it, I'm sure it would explain the origins of the Drones...
  12. going grey

    going grey Well-Known Member

    Royal Overseas League ..seem keen to recruit new members (they advertise for members in the British Spectator magazine),,,look at the location...!
  13. Literide

    Literide Well-Known Member

    Kind of a non-exclusive club for social climbers
  14. Trimmer

    Trimmer Well-Known Member

    I think that is a little unfair. It's more of a 'subscription hotel'.

  15. going grey

    going grey Well-Known Member

    I think Trimmer puts it very succinctly but literide is also probably correct. I've never been inside that particular club but, that said , its probably the only club in St James that the vast majority of people ever stand an earthly of joining. Better than no club at all I suppose. Don't knock social climbing - its THE major British participation sport and most enjoyable... and no true Brit is innocent of it.
  16. tintin

    tintin Well-Known Member

    I have enjoyed the reciprocity my club allows me in London and especially Paris. Having said that, here's a wonderful London club, great history but check out that room.
  17. mendozar

    mendozar Well-Known Member

    I highly recommend the East India Club mentioned here. Last time I was in London, a friend brought me there for drinks and dinner. Quite good.

    I found a list of "Principal London Clubs" in a diary I picked up from Smythson. Quite an interesting selection.
  18. Literide

    Literide Well-Known Member

    I recomend The Sloan Club, partucularly when traveling with the OB&C. When solo, head to Pall Mall & environs. (assuming you have a US membership with reciprocity)
  19. Henry

    Henry Well-Known Member

    East India is very MPS - I don't to be impertinent, but which clubs have the US clubs got reciprocacy with?

    The idea of reciprocacy seems to go against all that clubs are supposed to stand for.
  20. Flyte

    Flyte Member


    By Wodehouse's own account, Buck's.

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