First Pairs of Well Crafted Dress Shoes

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by Cassadine, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. Cassadine

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    Back in June, I ran to Saks off Fifth and grabbed two pairs of To Boot NY in a rather quick manner; they're fantastic shoes and wonderfully made, but I was utterly mistaken as to the fit of the shoe, and was unaware that my feet had actually changed over time. I've learned a lot in my brief time here at AAAC, e.g. I never knew what a last or a vamp was. I've been researching like crazy.

    Today, I went to Nettleton Shoes in Pittsburgh, an independent upscale men's store that's been around for decades. The owner, Scott was great. He was even sympathetic when I received a $40 parking ticket! He had me try on more than a half dozen pairs. Then... I tried on a pair of Long Wing Bluchers in #8 Shell Cordovan. I might call my attorney tomorrow and change my will to indicate that I'm buried in these shoes. I've included a few pics.

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  2. numbercrunch

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    They look great. Are they Alden's?

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  3. SG_67

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    I purchased my first pair of #8 LWB earlier this year and love them! Nice work. They're not cheap but they'll last a lifetime.
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    Very handsome shoes. May you long wear them member Cassadine and may you wear them only in good health! :icon_aportnoy:
  5. Cassadine

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    Thanks, everyone. Yes, they are Alden's. Nettleton Shoes is something of an Alden specialist. He does carry G & G (which would likely ruin my gait), and used to carry Carmina.
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    Alden 975's are my favorite Alden's. Congrats. I have multiple pairs in my collection.

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