First MTM. Where should I go?

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by smarty pants, Aug 29, 2005.

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    Hello all. First post, though having been browsing the forums for a while.

    About to invest in my first MTM suit. I'm quite short and thin too, hence difficulty finding stuff that fits off the peg. Have just started a job in large London law firm and before arriving in London bought a suit from a tailor in my home town.

    I bought off the peg (36' short) and they did a fantastic job of adjusting to fit. The suit fits like a dream and has the look of something made to measure rather than off the peg. It's a pleasure to wear and I now loathe having to pull on my old Marks and Spencer suit every other day. Decided it's time for MTM.

    So pleased with Bruno's that I'm thinking of having one MTM from him - this would involve 2 weekend train journies beween London and Worcester and for around the same price I could use someone like Jasper Littman in London.

    Should I stick with a sadly no longer 'local' tailor or use a visiting tailor in London. I know that with Brunos everything will be done on the premises by the equally venerable Hugo, the Italian guy who worked on the alterations to my off the peg suit - I'm guessing with the Jasper Littmans et al, the work gets farmed out to other people. On the other hand I'm not sure whether I'd get Holland & Sherry fabric from Brunos at the £550 price point, and JL do boast H&L for even their cheapest MTM.

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    My circumstances and suit size are both identical to yours and I would be interested to hear how things have worked out for you since your post.

    Did you go to Jasper Littman in the end? What were your experiences? Are you finding satisfactory 36s suits in London? I have great difficulty and so would be very interested to hear your views.

    Look forward to speaking to you more.

    Kind Regards


    P.S. Sorry to bump!
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    What's the AAAC record for suspension?
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    What’s the record for elapsed time between question and response? 12.5 years has to rank right up there.
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    Assuming all has gone well with his career as a Barrister it would be quite interesting to hear what his preference for suiting eventually became and how he got there?

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