Does this pocket square go well?

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by MovingForward, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. Flanderian

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    They're both fine, the first one looks a little nicer in the photo.
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  2. Charles Dana

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    I agree. Wear the first one with confidence.
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  3. MovingForward

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    Thank you very much! I will get a white linen pocket square from the Tie Bar.

    Would these cufflinks be appropriate?


    Also, I'd like to get adventurous with my socks if not inapproriate for a wedding. Which of these socks, mostly from the Tie Rack, would you recommend to go with my navy suit, blue/silver tie, white PS, and chocolate brown oxfords? And if the socks below are not simple or classic enough, would it be best to just stick to navy socks matching my suit?

    My shoes:

    My tie:
    Blue Herringbone:
    Light Blue:
    Navy/Light Blue:
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  4. TerryM

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    New member who has learned a lot here. I tend to avoid trend jumping. With a charcoal suit, I think you can wear pretty much any pocket square, as long as it is nice. Charcoal is a great canvass.

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