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Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by Eremos, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. Eremos

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    Does anyone else lament the disappearance of traditional gentlemens' outfitters (or indeed traditional shops of any variety) where there was an emphasis on customer service, knowledge of products (both own and rival brands)?

    Walking around London, it feels like a lot of the shops are slowly disappearing and being replaced with identikit high street clones. Don't get me wrong, these are needed, but they have a defined place. What I'm seeing is that these shops are invading and replacing other types. Is it simply not economical to run such shops?

    Could we start a list of all these old fogey type shops please? You know the kind - been around forever, know their customers and their preferences, have glass and wood cabinets and people who work there full time.....otherwise I may have to start frequenting Barons.
  2. M6Classic

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    Colonial Drugs in 49 Brattle Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138 ({617} 864-2222).

    A small shop that sells an enormous array of traditional shaving goods, including an in-store stock of the copmplete line of Plisson shave brushes, one of only two places in North America where they can be seen. Also carries many fine hair and clothing brushes, soaps, manicure sets, bathing exotica, creams, lotions, potions and oils, et cetra, et cetera, et cetera. Most famous for their perfume display at which one can try dozens of different perfumes up through the stratosphere of high end scents. Generations of Harvard undergraduates have made Colonial their last stop before a big date.

    Oh, yes, they also fill presecriptions.

  3. dfloyd

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    The problem with the small haberdashery....

    is that you pay a premium for doing business with them. I was in such a shop in Cincinnati the other day with a stupendous selection of Robert Talbott ties, each priced at $125 (best of class). The owner was amazed when I told him that most were avaialable on line for $55 each with no sales tax. I just can't afford to pay a 50% premium for doing business with such a vendor, regardless of his superior customer service.
  4. Bishop of Briggs

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    There are still a few such shops in St James's and Mayfair. I shop at Turnbull & Asser, Floris, Taylor of OBS, Trumpers, Trickers, Cordings, Bates and Lobbs for those reasons. James Smith, the umbrella shop in the New Oxford Street, is another jewel. Other members will probably add a few more favourites.
  5. Phinn

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    I lament the disappearance of traditional gentlemen.

    When they became more rare, so too did the outfitters.

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