Buying an identical pair of shoes as backup?

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by Voyager, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. MrRogers

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    I used to do this with certain items a while back but since I have been limiting my recent purchases to higher quality items I buy with the expectation that they will last many years to come and hope they wont need to be replaced anytime soon. Also as I add more pieces everything gets worn less frequently as a result. That being said, every summer I buy 3 new pairs of sperry topsiders as I like the look of pristine boat shoes and find that they look dingy after only a couple months of wear.

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    That's pretty good. :icon_smile_big:

    I ruined a favourite pair of unusual shoes long before they reached a natural end of life. I was fortunate enough to find the same model still in stock. If I hadn't, I would have been disappointed... but not disappointed enough to consider purchasing in multiples in future. It's just not worth it, I think.
  3. JayJay

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    Sounds very familiar.
  4. yachtie

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    If it were some special run that'll never come around again, I'd think about it. But Alden 405's? If and when you ever really wear these out, you'll be able to buy a new pair (If I know Alden, they'll still be making them)
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    Ken Pollock has reported having multiple pairs of many identical pairs of Church's shoes. I think he said he had something like six pairs of Diplomats.
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    I can see having two pair of the most generic sort of classic-- a black punch-cap oxford, for example. It's the sort of things you might wear every day for a week, and so should have a second pair to rotate. For performing musicians, perhaps two pair of patent leather oxfords. Assuming you have your perfect size, etc. No sense prolonging your misery with shoes you don't really like.
  7. Philip12

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    I kept a pair of Alden 986 in the closet for ten years. They were still okay, but I kept them in the box with shoe trees. Why did I do that? I like them so much I wanted to be sure I'd always have a pair. Maybe Alden will not be around anymore? Maybe the model will be discontinued? (not likely, but you never know) Maybe I won't be able to afford them in the future?
  8. riveroaks

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    One reason for multiples is hedge against inflation - some of the classic models such as the PTB or chukkas have gone up in price significantly, esp. the shell cordovans. Another is quality (which may be due in part to the availability of qualified hides) may have also changed, whether in perception or reality.

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    Thinking I messed up...

    I have duplicates of a couple styles of AE and am thinking it may have been a mistake only because quality shoes do last a long time if cared for. I have a 12 year old pair of Church's which are finally getting ready for retirement, as the creased uppers on one shoe are starting to crack.

    My question to you guys is if you wore a pair of Aldens, AE, C&J or similar quality shoes every other day, used shoe trees and avoided bad weather as much as possible, how many years could you get out of them before they start to look like they should be replaced?

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