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Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by step-hent, Jun 20, 2005.

  1. step-hent

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    Im fairly new to AAAC - Im finding it very interesting reading others comments on various budget tailors. I have ordered both suits and shirts from Ravi and have been impressed with both. However, I am interested to compare these with suits from a tailor who fits the suits himself. As my budget is not large (read small) I have been looking into two visiting tailors here in the UK - dress2kill.com and King and Allen. Has anyone had any experience with either of these?


  2. sonteq

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    I'm not sure about dress2kill however I purchased a suit from king and allen about 6 months ago, I think it cost £249 with £50 discount. Unfortunately the edge of the trouser pockets started to fray through normal use after a couple of months. So my experience has not been very positive :mad:
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    What is your budget? I am guessing around £500? In London, the better "pt" suits start around £650 to £750. This would be for a half-canvas construction. Anything cheaper is likely to be fully-fused (the same quality as most High St shops selling for £150).
    Unless you are an odd shape, buy a ready-made and go to a good alteration tailor. He can change the buttons to horn (sometimes even make them working) , take the waist in, add a flower-loop, remove belt-loops and add brace buttons etc.
    I used to do this with M&S suits when I first left school and they were much better then my first cheap made-to-measure at almost three times the price.


    No disrespect to "dress2kill" or "king and allen" whom I have had no dealings with.
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  4. tel star

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    I have a lovely chalk stripe from 'Dress2Kill' which I'm pretty pleased with. I felt relaxed and unintimidated by the whole process from start to finish. It is a good fit and I demanded a second fitting even though they seemed to think one was enough. I paid just £375 for it and would go back tgere for a suit again. It's all clearly MTM by adapting standard pre-set patterns and making computer adjustments. But, for what it is, it's great and is has the best fitting jacket of all my suits. Clearly, it's a long way from a bespoke, but you get what you pay for. My main complaint would be the relative chaos that you seem to meet when they've got your order: once they've hooked you, they don't seem to go out of their way to keep you. They told me, too, that they had my measurements on record if I wanted to order again. Tnhis wouldn't suit me (no pun intended!) as I would expect to be re-measured and to choose the fabric by touch as well as sight, rather than ordering online. But, a pretty good halfway house between OTR and Bespoke.

    Haven't tried King & Allen yet, but have been in touch with them.

  5. m@t

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    you sir are the perfect Styleforum member (give me perfection, now give me a discount :) )

    so, from one to another, you could try this.

    Pick up your cloth from this guy:


    A bunch of us have used him and been generally pretty happy with what came back.

    Then take that cloth to this guy:


    Then post results...
  6. Trimmer

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    North Shields
    Alteration tailor in London

    Care to recommmend one?

  7. Bonhamesque

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    That ebay seller looks to be great value but I'm a little concerned that he doesn't state which fabric merchant / mill the fabric comes from.
    Remember there is worsted wool and there is worsted wool.
    Personally I'd rather buy from a recognised merchant e.g. Holland & Sherry, H Lesser etc.
  8. Bonhamesque

    Bonhamesque Senior Member


    Peter Zecca, 25 Kingly Street, W1
  9. m@t

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    far be it from me to tell you not to buy from name brand cloth mills (although Howard does regularly have H&S). Howard lives in that wool-district around Yorkshire and buys up end runs and flips to eBay.

    However the original poster asked how he can get Ravi-esque prices without self measurement, cutting the cost of wool from 100GBP a meter to 50GBP for 3.5 meters is a huge step in the right direction, and he is still almost certainly getting a higher grade of wool than Ravi would be selling him.
  10. cheeky

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    Great Britain
    West Midlands
    Hi All,

    Would anyone be able to recommend a good tailor in London (not Saville Row) where I could get a suit made? I've recently moved to London from Birmingham. In the past I bought suitings from Howard of British Fabrics and then took them to a tailor in Birmingham. He was very reasonable and only charged me £350 for a two piece suit which was fully canvassed. He's now stopped trading and since I have moved to London I was wondering who people could recommend here that could provide a similar service (albeit I'm expecting the price will be more).

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