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  1. english_gent

    english_gent Well-Known Member

    essential viewing the rest of the world may have missed !

    i offer forth ;

    the wicker man . (1973)


  2. A Questionable Gentleman

    A Questionable Gentleman Well-Known Member

    The Lair of the White Worm starring Hugh Grant and Amanda Donohoe.
  3. AMVanquish

    AMVanquish Well-Known Member

    The Wicker Man was one of the strangest I have seen, and I love how they achieved the scariness. It didn't have any of the classic elements of horror; the blood, the monsters, the darkness. Rather, the fear is slowly being built by the bizarre behavior of these seemingly typical villagers on a tranquil island. You know something bad is coming, but you can never expect what's next.

    Britt Ekland had a body double, though.

    By the way, what's a corn rig and a barley rig?
  4. A Questionable Gentleman

    A Questionable Gentleman Well-Known Member

    I've put the original Wicker Man on my Netflix queue. Apparently there was a remake last year set in Maine.
  5. Bertie Wooster

    Bertie Wooster Well-Known Member

    One word AQG: Avoid !
    Gentlemen, for your consideration: Threads. While it never got a theatrical release, I can think of few British dramatic works ( with the possible exception of The War Game ) like it.
  6. english_gent

    english_gent Well-Known Member

    a corn/barley rig is fishing bait.

    and plz , AQG , dont watch the laughable remake last year.
    its diabollicaly BAD.

    the origional editor's cut from 73 is genuinely spooky.

    for me the most erotic scene in wicker man is ingrid pitt in the bath ! :aportnoy:

    *edit* i saw threads in the 80s and was numbed. :(

    it was hard viewing for a kid who was already obsessed with the threat of all out nuclear war.

    i worried about the world as a kid .... a lot !
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  7. Naval Gent

    Naval Gent Well-Known Member

    In Scotland, rig=field. Corn usually refers to grain, generally. The stuff on the cob is maize.

    I've added the '73 version of Wicker Man to my Netflix Queue as well. Thanks for the rec.

  8. A Questionable Gentleman

    A Questionable Gentleman Well-Known Member

    Oh, just bloody lovely! We'll probably be competing for the one extant copy in North America.:icon_smile_wink:
  9. culverwood

    culverwood Well-Known Member

  10. Henry

    Henry Well-Known Member

    If.... is superb.

    The first film that popped into my head when I saw the thread title was the Wicker Man. Funny!

    Remember being shown threads aged 13 (post cold war) and being completely non-plussed. Loses some of its urgency now...
  11. LondonFogey

    LondonFogey Well-Known Member

    Withnail and I
    It Happened Here
    This Happy Breed
    The Hill
    Carry On Abroad
  12. Tom Bell-Drier

    Tom Bell-Drier Well-Known Member

    any of the carry on films I think quallify although off course all following a simillar thread I think the writing and scripting whilst certainly not high brow
    are great entertainment ( not quite touching on smut but the innuendo was there)
    In the same vein the confessions of ....... series of films with richard asquith.

    and the doctor series of films with dirk bogarde.
  13. english_gent

    english_gent Well-Known Member

    i was waiting for this thread to kick off before i posted withnail & i !. :icon_smile_big:

    a comedy about two drunken , drug abusing out of work actors at the dog end of the 60s and their eccentric escapades. it made a star out of richard e grant , HOWEVER , this is 'danny the drug dealer ' and the predatory homsexual 'uncle monty's ' film .

    this film is a religion to some people.

  14. DougNZ

    DougNZ Well-Known Member

    Any of the Monty Python offerings. Does Quadraphenia or Tommy qualify?
  15. Vik

    Vik Well-Known Member

    The servant - the begining of the end for pre war England...
  16. LondonFogey

    LondonFogey Well-Known Member

    Ah yes. A great film. I love the stark black and white of the opening scene in Chelsea as Sir Dirk makes his way to the house.

  17. jackmccullough

    jackmccullough Well-Known Member

    Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels
    The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner
  18. Trimmer

    Trimmer Well-Known Member

    Better still, seek out the Director's Cut. The theatre version was savaged.
  19. english_gent

    english_gent Well-Known Member

    dead man's shoes.

    an epic film , truly will blow you away.


    this film from a couple of years ago is an absolute gem .

    so very down to earth , humorous , shockingly violent and a real tour de force TRAGEDY. this is what british movie making is all about. and did most of it's business via word of mouth.

    fab folksy sound track too.

    dont miss out on this ! shane meadows is one of our best kept secrets .
    hollywood can't produce stuff of this magnitude.

    classic stuff ! :aportnoy:
  20. idler

    idler Active Member

    How about Passport to Pimlico? Surely THE classic british movie!

    In which the people of London's Pimlico discover that their borough was gifted to the ancient dukedom of Burgundy (no longer in existence) centuries previously and subsequently stake claim to their independence from the UK. To quote the local policeman "Blimey, I'm a foreigner!".

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