BBC Broadcast -- Beau Brummell: This Charming Man

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    Having perused the above, I rather doubt this new series will tell us much about either clothes or the man himself (I mean Brummel, not Purefoy).
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    More on Beau Brummell

    Perhaps for a bit more on Beau Brummell you might want to turn to Ian Kelly's recent biography Beau Brummell: The Ultimate Man of Style. I believe the British edition was subtitled The Ultimate Dandy).


    The following reviews should give you some insights into the book:



    By the way, Manton's review of this biography appeared in the May 6th Wall Street Journal:


    And the Jane Austen Centre has a short profile with a list of related sources:

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    A true heir to Beau


    "HIS foppish hair, bright coloured suits and willingness to entertain viewers with his own persona rather than relying on celebrity guests make him a true heir to Beau."


    (I walked past Jonathan Ross wearing a bright pink suit near Harajuku station in Tokyo around 5pm on April 8th -- the tail end of the cherry blossom season. Would have stopped for a chat but he was busy memorizing a one-page script.)

    Bryan Ferry or Sir Paul Smith would get my vote though -- I've met both of them here.
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    Television broadcast about Beau Brummel

    On Monday last on BBC4 there was a play about Beau Brummel. It looked quite good but I was out and my video can't pick up digital tellie for some reason. Did anyone see it? Hopefully like most BBC programmes it will be repeated ad infinitum!
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    Merged Threads

    moderator's note:

    The two threads about this broadcast -- one begun prior to its airing and one after it -- have now been merged to enhance continuity and prevent overlap.
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    There was a great scene in which Brummell and his manservant dressed in the new simple style of dark jacket and pale trousers were accosted in the street by outraged 'fops' in periwigs and powdered faces. It reminded me of Clockwork Orange.
    It is (partially) illustrated at http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcfour/cinema/features/photogallery/brummell6.shtml where some other still can also be found.

    The programme is due to be repeated this Saturday on BBC 4 at 9pm-10.20pm and 2.05am-3.25am

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    I was not impressed

    It certainly did not focus much on the style and the subtle nuances that set the Dandy apart, but rather on his human failings.

    One of the best bits has already been referred to above. I did enjoy a scene when the Beau was demonstrating how a Dandy should hold himself and 'pose' in public.

    In general though it focused on Brummell's rise and fall from grace far more than on the concept and attributes of 'Dandyisme'.

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