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Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by melville74, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. melville74

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    BB is pretty much my sole source for clothes, besides some Allen Edmonds and Jos A Bank. For a few months I've been seeing this "Brooks Brothers Rewards" portion in my account settings but couldn't do anything with it. Today I got a mailer with my "loyalty" number so now I could finally enroll.

    Guess it will encourage spending.... once you get to a certain spending level you get free shipping. Which will be nice. I've heard the "ShopRunner" program is a big scam.

    Anyway I didn't want to seem too advertisey since I rarely post here... so I won't post details. Not a BB employee but thought I'd mention it for fellow shoppers.
  2. Dcr5468

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    I’ve used shop runner for a couple of years and I like it. As long as you are not being charged for it...

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  3. FLMike

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    Same here. I've never paid anything for it, and I get free 2-day shipping on all my BB orders. Should I feel scammed?
  4. UteLawyer

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    Make that three people. I haven't paid anything for Shoprunner but have received free expedited shipping on a number of orders from both Brooks Brothers and Allen Edmonds. I am at a loss to figure out what the supposed scam would be.
  5. Kyle76

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    As far as I can tell, I've never paid for Shoprunner either, but it's great.
  6. Andy

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    Admin Post
    As any Member here with over 100 posts knows, there is a Special Brooks Brother's Corporate AskAndy Discount. If you've reached the 100 post milestone, go back and look again at the list of Forums!

    You'll see one you couldn't see before with all the details.
  7. Shaver

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    Is there a reward for 10,000 posts?
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  8. Titus_A

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    I would not pay to subscribe to Shoprunner, but it's a free benefit with, e.g., certain American Express cards. I suspect the original poster meant that the costs of being a member are rarely justified if one pays a separate fee.

    As for the rewards program, it's essentially the same thing they've had with the Brooks Card for some years: I have averaged a $20 gift card or two per year over the last several years just my rather modest purchasing there. That makes an end-of-season tie or pair or socks quite cheap. Hopefully the new branding and interface will make it a little easier to track one's progress.
  9. EclecticSr.

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  10. EclecticSr.

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    As an AMEX card holder and Brooks rewards member as well as corporate member and shoprunner member I have never paid for 2 day shipping. However, Brooks has changed their rewards program and broke it into 3 categories. You may want to research. Shoprunner is free I guess, with certain provisos.

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