Are you tired of a bad fit? Ravis Custom Tailors is coming to your city next week!

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    Are you tired of clothing that does not fit right?
    Do you dream of a perfect fitting shirt? One that fits the torso just right? Has perfect sleeves, perfect neck?

    Have you been looking for slacks with just the right break? That dont have a rise hanging between the knees? Ever wondered why they dont make pants that fit just right?

    Do you wrestle with your Jacket when taking it off or putting it on?

    If you answered "yes" to any of these, then you are reading this right!

    Did you know, our expert master tailors are visiting your city!
    You can now get measured in person by the best custom tailors in the world!

    We specialise in custom made suits, shirts, jackets, blazers and more - for men and women.
    Using over 70 custom measurements taken by our expert tailors, all garments are fully bench made bespoke, hand made and tailored specifically for your very own body type!

    Our Custom shirts are only $45 & Bespoke Suits are just $295!

    Make an appointment here.

    Want us to visit you? - Contact us here.


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