Are Braces an ageist thing? - Who wears them?

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by Edinburgh Lad, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. Edinburgh Lad

    Edinburgh Lad New Member

    Are braces an ageist thing or am I one of the few younger guys who wear them? Who else out there wears them and what age group do you fall into? I don't think I am alone, but you never know !

    I used to wear them just now and again but have now taken to wear them most days at work and often when out at weekends. I just find them much better than a belt and far more stylish. I don't see many other young guys wearing them but do get loads of positive comments from others when they see me with them on. I only ever see very old guys wearing them and then only as a real necessity and not as a fashion accessory or a bit of style.

    I know many guys still hide them under jackets, and maybe thats why they are not seen but I just wonders how many guys out there do wear them, when they wear them and what age group most wearer fall into.

    It would be nice to know I am not alone and that more guys than I think do actually wear them (maybe just hidden from sight).
  2. Cardinals5

    Cardinals5 Honors Member

    United States
    Age bracket: 30-35
    When: almost always with suits (jacket rarely comes off), sometimes with sport coat/odd trousers
    Why: not for "style," but because they're more comfortable than a belt.
  3. Phenom

    Phenom New Member

    Age Bracket: 40 - 45

    I have worn braces on-and-off for 20+ years. Belts have more practical purposes, but braces are more comfortable.
  4. Nerev

    Nerev Senior Member

    Age Bracket: 25-30

    I wear them with suits and the coat always stays on. Braces are just so much more comfortable than belts and they hold up pants better too. This definately isn't a "style" item for me, it is just more comfortable.
  5. sowilson

    sowilson Active Member with Corp. Privileges

    United States
    I'm fat and 50 - braces look good.
  6. David V

    David V Super Member

    United States
    Downers Grove
    Not an "ageist" thing. It's an adult thing.
  7. MikeDT

    MikeDT Super Member

    Braces look good in all situations.
  8. Flanderian

    Flanderian Connoisseur

    United States
    New Jersey
    Only we geezers! +90. Jeesh!
  9. GBR

    GBR Super Member

    To some extent it inevitably will be. We gone from it being the norm 50 years ago to being occasional nowadays as styles and fashion have both moved on. Older people will tend to wear fashions more common when they were young but equally some younger people will wear braces because they choose to. Always remember that most trousers sold RTW are not suitable for braces so that further restricts the numbers who do - older people tend to be more senior which means higher salaries which means bespoke clothing.
  10. Reptilicus

    Reptilicus Senior Member

    United States
    If you want a pair of these babies from Filson, you're going to want the braces.

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