Am I old fashioned or does contemporary woman's fashion drive you to despair!?

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  1. Fredericsaint-loup

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    East Sussex
    The other day I walked past a few shop windows with some wonderfully elegant 1920's dresses and thought 'I never see woman wearing that when I go out.' I began paying closer attention to the woman around me's clothes. Jeans in a particularly offensive shade of blue, polyester everywhere, very few dresses, skirts or blouses. Admittedly its just my taste but I could find no one whose elegance struck me walking about for an hour! Plenty of grace but not in terms of attire. I see more woman with a stylish, androgynous approach which I have nothing against but no traditional feminine elegance with a strong sense of tradition. As oppose to the many male dandies in 3 piece suits etc.
    At a wedding perhaps but still a horrifying abundance of polyester!
    Is it the same where you live? And can I find an oldworld elegance without a timemachine?
  2. Hyacinth

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    Interesting. I wouldn't say "to despair" but I agree that I see a lot more androgynous styling. I try to channel Mad Men or Nora Charles or whomever. I wish we weren't all so super-casual and into 'athleisure' but I guess the toothpaste is out of the tube. So I do share your lament. I am not a polyester-hater though; it can be done well.
  3. Dhaller

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    For what it's worth, my daughter and all her friends prefer wearing dresses, having their hair braided (like "Elsa" from "Frozen", usually), wearing accessories, and so on. So, as in all things, expect women to circle around again to more feminine modes of dress in the next decade or so.

    Their mothers (my wife included) admittedly are all firm members of what I think of as the "Lululemon and Tesla" set. Is is certainly practical, though.

  4. eagle2250

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    I rather enjoy the changing landscape. Different perhaps, but ever fascinating. One thing is for sure...women are the fairer sex! ;)
  5. phr33dom

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    Paris is the only place I know where a significant proportion of women dress like women and smartly.
  6. DaveS

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    Regarding these skin-tight jeans with very tapered legs:
    I've commented on this to my wife, and we've wondered how women would react to an article of clothing that emphasizes their hips and especially rear end, making them appear to be even larger?

    We both think the vast majority of women would be appalled at such an idea. Yet this is precisely what one sees now.

    The herd mentality - in men and women - never ceases to amaze...
  7. ouinon

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    Umm this is the Era Of The Booty, my friend. The current trend is very much about emphasizing the size of women's derrières.

    Silhouette preferences, like most things in fashion, are cyclical. Don't you remember the 1880s?!
    ALL about that base. Or maybe you recall the 1950s, weren't those the golden years?
    These girls definitely had some help from our old friend crinoline.

    This look fell out of style in the '60s when we wanted women to look like Twiggy waifs. We allowed some athleticism in the '70s & '80s but then wanted that Moss heroine chic look back in the '90s. Now the hourglass look is back en vogue. These hips don't lie!
  8. Hebrew Barrister

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    A lot of current women's fashion seems designed for tall slim women. Most women are neither tall nor slim. I really don't get it. You see curvy women who maybe have a bit of extra weight but would look great anyway in the right clothes, wearing skinny jeans that don't flatter them in any way.
  9. Cyril

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    South Carolina
    Yes; I see the same general things where I go, and I think you capture something subtle and profound about our time. Very well put. Some see it as an obsession with the practical, as polyester may be easier to maintain than cotton and wool, for example. Others point to a coarsening of the culture, even a gathering barbarism in which many of the finer types of clothing are simply unappreciated. Some speak of a culture, that for all the notions of being sensitive to feminism, has in fact lost the art of femininity. I think there is much going on behind this.
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